Motherly has partnered with Hillary Frank and The Longest Shortest Time podcast to bring you insights from their five years of publishing stories from the front lines of parenthood. In episode #56, Hillary explores how we change through the process of becoming mothers:

How we’re supposed to feel like ourselves when those changes don’t change back?

Our boobs might be bigger, but softer.

Our bellies might be softer or wrapped in stretch marks.

Our weight might go up—permanently.

Our voices might become lower or higher.

Our careers may transform.

Our relationships shift.

And our identities, most definitely, are forever changed.

Frank explores with her guests the physical and psychological changes that mark new motherhood—and gives strategies for transforming the way you see yourself.

There are lots of ways in which we change permanently after becoming parents. And not just physically.

Take a listen and share with Motherly: How did you start to see your new body + identity in a more positive light?

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