We each have made the decision to work for our own reasons.

It’s what makes the most sense for our families and for our own identities.

Some of us work to help pay the bills and provide benefits.

Others feel we are able to help and serve through our work.

According to the book Millennial Moms, more than 40 percent of Millennial moms say they work to have an identity other than “mom.”

Another 37 percent work in pursuit of a passion.

We asked some of our Motherly mamas about why they work. Here’s what they said:

Motherly mama Eileen says: “I work to contribute to our family finances. We are a young couple saving for a house and going down to one income would stall our progress. I went to a private school for both my undergraduate and master’s degrees so I have quite a bit of school debt. I worked really hard for both degrees and I’m not ready to put my career on the back burner.”

Summer says: “I am a teacher and I absolutely love my job. I work because I know I make a difference and because my husband is getting his PhD, so it’s’ necessary.”

Motherly mama Laura says: “I am a reading teacher, grades K-5. I absolutely love my job, plus with school loans and the city we live in, I need to work.”

Kendra says: “I choose to work because it is my other biggest passion besides being a mom and brings me a lot of fulfillment and pride. It also makes me feel more balanced than I think I personally would if I did not work. I also work to contribute to our family finances.”

Cait says: “I choose to work because I really love to be at my job. I’m a people person and love interacting with adults. I feel enjoy being needed as a mother, co-worker, boss, wife and friend. Plus it’s great connections to have for future use!”

Another one of our Motherly mamas, Mary, says: “ I work for personal fulfillment. And for personal challenge. For me, full time parenting is taxing and wears me thin. This is why I’m not a teacher or nanny, or in that field. I love being a mother but that only speaks to part of my person. Another part of my person loves higher thinking and little repetition and analysis, and all of the things that I enjoy and find stimulating and fulfilling about work. Also, let’s be realistic about finances. Having a two income household is vital to our family.”

And Motherly mama Anne says: “I’m a military wife and assumed that once I had children I would stay at home but I was given an awesome opportunity to continue working for my company full time from home after I had my daughter and figured I would give it a try. Over 2 years later and I’m still grinding away at it. I work for several reasons. I enjoy contributing financially to my family. It gives us the freedom to save while being able to do “extras” like vacation and gymnastics classes for my daughter. Another reason is that my husband is away a lot and works crazy hours that change every week. Having my own career gives me more structure and sanity... otherwise I feel like I would always be waiting for him to come home so I could take a break!”

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