One of the most daunting aspects of becoming a parent (other than the actual birth part), was finding ‘mom friends’ in my new neighborhood in Brooklyn. I was one of the first amongst my friends to have a child, so while I was young and excited about the new world of motherhood, I was also confused and overwhelmed in this new and unfamiliar version of Brooklyn, complete with strollers and diapers and naps and breastfeeding. As the days went on, I realized that I was in search of a community and network to connect with as a new mom. Through some online research, I discovered resourceful sites like A Child Grows in Brooklyn and Park Slope Parents, where I found drop-in and library classes, and various events throughout the borough, but I was still lacking the local connection that I wanted.

After six months of searching, I eventually stumbled on the KWTneighbors listserv where a group of local moms set up a sub-group called the Pipsqueaks. From there, I found parents (some of which were right down the block from my house) to meet for everything from coffee to playdates to outings to our local parks and beyond. My daughter and I spent a lot of time with this group during the first couple of years, and later it became a place where our co-op was formed, and now is a place for kindergarten discussion. What I learned — and truly cherish about living in Brooklyn — is that this diverse online group can actually serve as our urban version of the suburbs. Thanks to listservs, new parents can connect and forge an incredible community.

Here are some of the best online groups in Brooklyn, and the populations they serve. Check out listservs in downtown Manhattan, and stay tuned for groups in other NYC neighborhoods in the weeks to come.

1. Bococa Parents: BOerum Hill, CObble Hill, and CArroll Gardens (and the surrounding) neighborhoods

2. BrooklynParentsNetwork: All Brooklyn parents

3. Cortelyou Moms: First-time moms whose kids were born in the fall of 2009 in Ditmas Park/ Flatbush/ Midwood/ Kensington etc.

4. BrooklynHeightsParents: Brooklyn Heights and surrounding neighborhoods

5. BrooklynSingleParents: Single parents in Brooklyn

6. South Brooklyn Parents: South Brooklyn (Marine Park, Sheepshead Bay, Manhattan Beach).

7. Ft. Greene Kids: The Fort Greene/Clinton Hill area

8. KWTneighbors: Kensington and Windsor Terrace

9. BBPOTC: Brooklyn parents of twins

10. Brooklyn Baby Hui: The Greenpoint/Williamsburg area

11. Bay_Ridge_Parents: Bay Ridge

12.ParkSlopeParents: Park Slope and its surrounding neigborhoods, coordinated by Park Slope Parents

13. DUMBO Parents: DUMBO

14. Greenpoint Childcare: Childcare in the Greenpoint area

15.PHeightsParents: Prospect Heights.

16. Sunsetparkbabies2013: Sunset Park 2013 babies

17.SHParentsGroup: Stuyvesant Heights

18.bushwickmoms: Bushwick

19. Bedford-Stuyvesant: Bedford-Stuyesant

20. CarrollGardensPFG: Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill

How did you meet new friends in Brooklyn? We would love to know in the comments section below!

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