Who knows better than new parents how to create home spaces that we can love—and truly live in? We checked in with Sherry and John Petersik, parents-of-two and the duo behind the crazy-popular blog Young House Love, for their tips on making a happy home made for kids.

Here's what John and Sherry shared from their new book, “Lovable Livable Home: How to Add Beauty, Get Organized, and Make Your House Work for You."

Perfection is overrated, and it can be pretty futile to chase the idea of a bedroom always having perfectly fluffed bedding and a clean, clear floor, especially in a kid's room.

So it can be incredibly freeing (and a lot more fun for the kids) if you embrace a little lived-in imperfection.

Sometimes things like charmingly mixed patterns and art that's casually taped on the walls can make the room feel a lot more homey anyway.

Here are two more ways to worry even less.

Think secondhand.

Kids' rooms are a great place to incorporate thrift-store finds and hand-me-down pieces. You'll appreciate not having to spend full price for everything, plus it's a chance to bring in interesting pieces that will give the room a more collected-over-time feel.

Wood walls can take a beating

Consider slatted wood for rooms that see lots of activity—whether as wainscoting or a whole accent wall—since it's a durable material that also adds character.

Joey and Jeff found reclaimed wood for the bottom portion of their daughter's room, but chose inexpensive pine for the rest since they knew they were going to paint it.

Photo Credit: Todd Wright