Ahhh, the fresh start of a new school year is here...

While getting back into a routine and schedule brings happiness to many, for a lot of us it can trigger feelings of stress and pressure. How do we budget for school supplies? How do I keep everything organized? How do I get everyone dressed and out the door on time?

Luckily, our friends at Happify gathered research to help us understand why we stress, and how to avoid these stressors. A new school year may be overwhelming at first, but everyone will be in the swing of things faster than you can say, "don't forget your lunch!"

Courtney Barker

British mom Courtney Barker is sharing the story of how her son, 7-month-old Arthur contracted COVID-19 in the hopes of preventing other families from going through what hers is. Thankfully, little Arthur is now feeling better, but last week he was rushed to the hospital.

His mama recalled the experience in a now-viral Facebook post that is attracting worldwide attention.

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