Daddies are parents too. Yes, you carry that bundle for 9-plus months, go through the lovely birthing process, and have feeding and soothing capabilities that your partner just doesn’t. But trust us, when that new baby is crying again at 3 a.m., you’re going to want someone by your side for the handoff. So get in his good graces now, and use Father’s Day as an opportunity to spoil the man that will become your parenting partner in crime with a luxe new fragrance, Odin New York’s 10 Roam.

In honor of Father’s Day, our friends at Odin, the city’s pre-eminent men’s wear destination, are giving away a 3.4 fl. oz bottle of Roam, the tenth scent to join their fragrance collection. Roam’s warm, smoky smell includes notes of wild coffee flower, crisp pepper leaf and saffron combined with dried coconut and ginger lily. Hints of the Brazilian Amazon rainforests are present as well, which is nice since you’re probably not headed anywhere out of New York City anytime soon. Best of all, like all of Odin’s fragrances, the bottle is technically unisex, so you’re kind of getting a gift for yourself too.


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