Showered With Love

“Second time around” baby showers can be high on fun and low on fuss. Robyn Moreno shows us how.

Showered With Love

When I found out I was pregnant with my second child, I wasn’t sure I’d have another baby shower. The first party was super fun, but a big catered affair. And when I learned I was having another girl, I definitely gave up on the idea. In fact, quite a few “friends” let me know that second showers (especially for the same gender) are just in bad taste.

But as the due date approached and my belly grew bigger, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I wanted a shower. Not because I really needed presents (my second registry was quite small) or a lot of fanfare, but because I wanted to celebrate this awesome little being coming into our lives, and I wanted to do it with the people I loved.

My friends Ivette, Shirley, and my little sister quickly stepped up to co-host, and we chose an “Indian Summer/Wee Little Indian” theme to thread everything together.

For décor Shirley ordered a teepee from Etsy that my two-year-old Olive absolutely loved. We adorned it with an authentic dream catcher, and used native American textiles to hang on the walls and tables.

For a fun activity, my girlfriend Stephanie, who is a makeup artist offered “Tribal” facepaint and flash tattoos, which were a big hit for kids and adults alike!

For food, my sister made homemade empanadas (savory turnovers) in Beef, Chicken, and Corn and Potato, and we also served veggie tamales and chips with corn and black bean salsa— all of which was in line with the vibe and great party food, because you don’t need a fork.

We had one signature drink, “Indian Summer Sangria,” which was filled with peaches and apples and given an extra kick by Chandon sparkling wine. We made loads and literally ran out!

The cake design was my friend Ivette’s idea: a “DreamCatcher,” which she picked up from Front Street Bakery on Long Island.

Sugar cookies with a Navajo design were made by my friend Jen En, who is a baker. An extra sweet treat!

The favors? My friend Stacey made us some of her famous candied pecans which she adorably packaged in brown bags with fun Native American stamps as parting gifts.

We picked up all the supplemental décor (like swanky champagne “glasses”) from Party City around the corner on 14th street.

Guests even got into the mood--my friend Erica gave me some baby Mocs and Mucklucks for my new little squaw! And everyone wore their best Native-American printed garb!

My tribe really pitched in to make this shower super special, and overall the tone captured the way I feel about pregnancy this time around: way more relaxed, a little more playful, and so full love of love and gratitude.

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Photography by Stylish & Hip Kids Photography

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