Name: Karina Kallio Neighborhood: Williamsburg, Brooklyn Occupation: Designer and owner of Kallio, a modern kidswear brand Baby’s Sex: BOY!!! How would you describe your pregnant style? Relaxed, calm and summery with a little bit of a sporty edge. It's been the perfect summer to be pregnant! Have you had any challenges learning to dress your body during this pregnancy? Before pregnancy I did not wear form-fitting clothing, but now I love to just wear jersey maxis that grow with my belly. I used to wear sandals during the summertime...but with the extra weight and all the pavement pounding we do in NYC, I had a lot of foot pain, so I switched to wearing more supportive sneakers. Which now I never want to take off. I have been more mindful about taking good care of myself and that has changed my style... adding a sporty edge. :) So far, what has surprised you most during your pregnancy? Wow there is so much, but the most surprising thing is how my outlook on life has altered dramatically! I have developed so much more respect and kindness for my body. It amazes me everyday how my body changes, and the innate knowledge that it carries. All I have to do is rest, eat well and exercise...normal stuff and it does its thing so naturally. It's mind blowing and everyday is a new adventure! Also I feel much more open and connected. This is most present in the growing respect and love I have for other women and parents in general. I really am learning that we are all special and unique, as are the children we raise, so we should treat each other this way...knowing everyone is trying the best they can for their families. What’s been your favorite pregnancy piece or brand to show off your bump? This maxi dress. I have had this one (similar style) for years from Rag and Bone. It has a sporty back and is black so I can wear it anywhere. And then I have another from Rittenhouse which is a bold, navy and white nautical summer stripe. It's just fun and easy. It really accentuates my baby bump. What NYC experience are you most looking forward to sharing with your baby? I can't wait to take him to the Natural History Museum and lying under the whale. It's such a magical place of wonder and beauty. Karina is wearing: Rag and Bone dress (similar style) Photography by Yvonne Rock.


Courtney Barker

British mom Courtney Barker is sharing the story of how her son, 7-month-old Arthur contracted COVID-19 in the hopes of preventing other families from going through what hers is. Thankfully, little Arthur is now feeling better, but last week he was rushed to the hospital.

His mama recalled the experience in a now-viral Facebook post that is attracting worldwide attention.

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