Oh, The Places You'll Feed

A hilarious look at the adventures of breastfeeding moms.

Oh, The Places You'll Feed

Have you ever breastfed your baby in a cab? On a dirty bathroom floor? What about in a dressing room? On a park bench? We bet you have a few prized “remember that time…” breastfeeding stories. And while it probably didn’t seem like it in the moment, in retrospect it was pretty darn hilarious.

Lauren Hirshfield Belden knows these stories well, and stocked up on plenty of them while breastfeeding her own two babes. “I had high hopes that breastfeeding would be the sort of experience you see in a magazine, but it ended up that everything that could go wrong went wrong.” Rather than get frustrated by it, she channeled her experiences and those of others into a book that could support other breastfeeding moms. And make them laugh. Her adorable Dr. Seussian parody The Places You’ll Feed is the result.

“See, feeding your babe, well, it’s not always pretty when you whip out a boob in a cab in the city. Or you crouch in the car unzipping your dress, ignoring the traffic, deploring the stress…”

While Belden’s book may not help you master the football hold, or help you produce more breast milk, it will at least remind you that there’s others out there on the same breastfeeding adventure, and that one day -- we swear! -- you just may laugh about it. Says Belden, “If I can tell one woman that she’s not alone when things get hard, or make her smile, then my job was done.” Buy it here.

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