Anytime is the right time to practice yoga for your health and wellbeing, right? While you’re nurturing a new life, these long-respected and fun yoga practices can give you extra support to relieve stiffness, build strength, get centered, and prepare for the adventure ahead.

If you’re new to yoga, start with these simple practices to help you gain keen body awareness while your physical shape shifts and cultivate a greater breathing capacity, which is very important as baby starts to take over more real estate in your body. If you already have an existing in-class yoga practice, bring these poses into your daily routine to enjoy bliss and bodily benefits throughout the day.

Here’s 5 yoga poses for pregnancy that address common challenges for moms-to-be, then, plus extra practice notes and “Well-Rounded Tips” for this special time in your life.

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Written by Christine Chen, author of Happy-Go-Yoga , yoga teacher and health writer in New York City (prenatal certified through YogaWorks). Christine is an editor and regular contributor to a range of health and wellness sites.

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