During pregnancy, we become pretty obsessed with the word “best,” especially as it pertains to our future baby. Since the vast majority of baby brands--and in many cases, even products--are totally unfamiliar, we give a whole lot of credence to all those “expert picks,” even if they’re coming from “experts” who we have little to nothing in common with. What we’ve learned since then is that every baby--and mama--is different. And the brands and products that work for her and her baby are different too. So when we were making our list of the “5 Best City Strollers” for our first WRNY Stroller Week, we turned to the real “experts”--NYC moms with babies, including me!--and asked them to test drive some of the newest wheels on the market for their particular city life. You might even recognize them--they were all featured in our Bump Envy section before their babes arrived! We’ll be unveiling one stroller--and mom with her baby (on the outside this time!)--for the next 5 days, so make sure you tune in all week long. Oh, and even though we think these strollers are the cream of the crop, we bet there are tons of other pretty great ones--even “best” ones--for your lifestyle, and we’d love to hear about them too, so comment away! Mom: Jessica Pallay, co-founder of Well Rounded NY Baby: Elsie, 1 year Stroller Pick: BabyZen Yoyo Why: When you’re a NYC parent on the go (aren’t we all?), a full-size stroller can really hamper your mobility. So once baby is old enough to hold up her head, it’s time to downsize, stat. The sleek BabyZen Yoyo ($399) is a serious downsize. When it’s folded, this stroller is small enough to fit behind the front seat of a car, under your restaurant chair or in the overhead compartment of an airplane. In fact, it’s half the volume of a standard umbrella stroller. But...it’s not an umbrella stroller at all. It’s got generous dimensions, a padded, reclining seat, a big shady canopy and a full footrest. Plus, it drives like a dream, and comes in a range of bright hues (Color packs are $70), like my fave, pictured here: pink, of course. While the stroller is currently only available in the U.S. for babies 6 months plus, the company will soon release its newborn version stateside. Mom Says: “We do a ton of traveling, since both our families live a plane ride away, and I’m always trying to find space-savers that we can take on the road. The BabyZen is luxe enough to be my city stroller too, meaning one less baby product taking up space that I don’t have.” WIN THIS STROLLER! We’re giving away one BabyZen Yoyo stroller to one lucky WRNY reader this week! Head on over to our giveaway to enter now! Also, thanks to our friends at Frolic! for opening up their doors for our mamas. Photos by Kristy May Photography. Bump Envy photo by Paul Nathan Photography.

Having a newborn is challenging at the best of times, but during forced isolation and in a climate of fear and uncertainty, it can become overwhelming.

The coronavirus pandemic is setting up our communities for genuine mental health concerns. This may be especially true for new parents. When will 'normal' life return? How will I pay for diapers and baby food? Will my mom be able to help us now? What if my baby or my family get COVID-19? Unfortunately, no one knows the long-term impact or answers just yet.

Most families have built a network of social support by the time they have their first child—if they don't already have a support system, they develop one through various baby classes and groups set up for parents. The creation of the village can be instrumental to the mental health of new parents. Social distancing, the lockdown of cities, and isolation will inadvertently affect the type of support available.

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