Best City Strollers: Bugaboo Buffalo

5 great city strollers that 5 former Bump Envy beauties are hitting the city with this summer.

Best City Strollers: Bugaboo Buffalo

Mom: Heather Stone

Baby: Penelope, 4.5 months

Stroller Pick: Bugaboo Buffalo

Why: Between cobblestone streets, potholes and road work detours, New York has its fair share of bumpy rides. And while you may not have had the pleasure of navigating a stroller across town with your little one just yet, let us tell you: it can be a doozy. Finding a smooth ride can be just as important as landing a cabbie that isn’t stopping short at every corner. For this reason alone, the Bugaboo Buffalo all-terrain stroller is your set of wheels. With a beautiful bassinet option (seen here) you can begin using the Buffalo from Day One, and because we know you want to start exploring with your little one right away, the extendable sun canopy offers your little one protection against the blazing summer sun. Also, what better than spacious luggage options to really give you the opportunity to set out for a big adventure? Just fill that basket up with all your baby (and mama) needs (up to 35 lbs.), and hit the road. And because we all need to take a break from our glorious city from time to time, you can be sure the Buffalo ($1,179 base option) will perform just as well on your cross-country hike as it does on your Saturday trip to the market. What’s better than that?

Mom Says: "As a mom constantly on the go, I look for a stroller that's lightweight and comfortable to push around all day, a stroller that can roll smoothly onto the ferry to Dumbo and not squeak as we stroll through the Impressionist wing at the Met. This stroller moves smoothly while allowing your wrists and back to be comfortable--and best of all, your baby is pampered in a beautiful, roomy and shaded, cushioned bassinet. I’d go so far as to say this stroller is ergonomic perfection. Who wouldn't want their baby to have the smoothest ride possible? It's just an added plus that all your groceries can fit underneath."

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Photography by Kristy May Photography.

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