The Last Supper: Burgers

Your last meal before becoming a mama should be celebrated. Here’s a list of 8 Brooklyn burgers rising to the occasion.

The Last Supper: Burgers

Going into labor doesn’t always involve the water breaking climax movies insinuate you’ll encounter. Even those whose water breaks naturally can incur a significant lapse in time between drying off and stepping foot into L & D. Often times women -- like myself -- go well past their due date, and no matter how many pineapples you eat, how many acupuncture sessions you schedule, and how many times you walk around that same block to get your baby motivated for his or her arrival, sometimes it’s the doctor who makes that ultimate timing call: it's time for you to be induced.

While the unknown might be scary, your doctor might say a few words to find comfort in: “Go home, pack up and have a nice meal.” Listen to your doctor and now us: Have a nice meal. Because this will be your last meal pre-mommyhood (holy, moly you're having a baby!). That’s something to savor. Also, you’re basically about to enter a marathon, and you do not want to do that hungry. You want to fuel and you want to make it memorable. Because for those first few weeks you’re about to become that person you never understood pre-baby. The “oh, I forgot to eat” person. Except that person didn’t have a baby attached to her boob or pump. Who forgets to eat? OK, we’re back.

If a burger is your choice for your last supper (it was mine!) here are our top 8 burgers in Brooklyn. They’re all juicy, have beautiful cheese options, and use high quality meat. Pick your poison.

Roberta's: Roberta’s serves more than just pizza. Mmhmm. The dry-aged meat might be bursting with fancy but the American cheese cheapens it just right.


Pork Slope: Daniel Talde’s tribute to them McDonald’s burger. Hoorah.

Park Slope

Prime meats: We know the house-made pretzels are hard to resist but make room for this eight-ounce jam.

Carroll Gardens

Mile End: You can only get this burger on Tuesday nights, but maybe that’s best for your arteries. Good news is, if you get there on the wrong night, there’s always poutine there to soothe your soul.

Boerum Hill

Pies ‘n’ Thighs: We know everyone comes here for the chicken, but they’re sleeping on the burger. Pure cheap excellence with a side of fries.

South Williamsburg

NorthEast Kingdom: Even though this burger no longer comes with tator tots we can’t stay away from its tobacco onion goodness.


Dean Street: A burger whose bun hugs it just the right way? Love, baby.

Prospect Heights

Roebling Tea Room: This burger represents perfection to me. The fries are something to write home about too. Get it.


This is the first installment of not only the last supper series, but also the burger series because, seriously, I love them so much.

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