Baby Gift Guide

6 holiday gift ideas for the cutest baby in your life.

Baby Gift Guide

There is no single person more fun to shop for on your holiday gift list than baby. Here’s why: They love everything you buy them (or at least, they don’t complain about it). They look adorable in every single outfit and accesory on Earth. And finally, there’s just so dang much cuteness out there when it comes to baby gifts. So much cuteness, in fact, that you sometimes need it curated.

So we went ahead and rounded up 6 of our very favorite baby gifts for the best babe you know. Oh and did we mention they’re all under $100? Yup, get shopping.

1. Winter Water Factory French Terry Blanket. Yes, baby will get lots of baby blankets. But trust us, mama will end up reaching for the same favorite one every single time. Especially if it’s made of organic cotton, machine-washable and has a fun, whimsical print like this one. $39

2. Zutano Shaggy Cozie Bootie. The only thing cuter than itty bitty toes is itty bitty toes in itty bitty booties. Zutano’s shaggy new style is not only cozy and cute, it also fits like a glove so you don’t ever have to worry about leaving a bootie behind. $24

3. Shabd Tie-Dye Onesie Kit. We admit we can’t get enough of tie-dye, and we especially can’t get enough of our girl Shabd. But this gift is so much more than that: it’s a chance to spend some quality time creating a one-of-a-kind onesie filled with so much love for that little babe. $48


4. Briar Organics Bonnet. There is only really one time you can get away with wearing a super-soft, railroad striped, vintage-style bonnet. Since it’s too late for you (trust us), buy one for every teeny tiny head you know. $34

5. Livette la Suissette Toile Storage Bin. We wish baby “stuff” all looked cool. But it doesn’t. So at least the storage bins you use to stash it can. These cool bins come in a range of sizes, colors and toiles that will make you smile every time you tidy up. $50

6. Karen Kimmel Shape Shifter. Is it a mobile? Or a wall decoration? Who knows, but who cares? It will totally make baby’s nursery sparkle no matter where you hang it. This is one nursery decoration both mama and baby will love. $44

Photography by Kristy May Photography.

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