Beauty Detox

Natural beauty expert Jessa Blades shows us how to clean out the chemicals hiding in our makeup drawer.

Beauty Detox

There’s a lot of detoxing that happens during those first few days after you find out you’re pregnant, from the biggies (bye-bye boozy brunches), to the smaller details (suddenly $4.99 for organic milk seems totally justifiable). Yet when it comes to what we put ON our bodies -- and especially on our faces! -- we can be slightly more resistant to change. After all, the thought of tossing those tried-and-true beauty products at a time when we’re just not feeling our prettiest is totally understandable.

But the link between what’s going on our skin and what’s going on inside our bodies is just too close to ignore. Which is why we’re thankful for people like Jessa Blades, a natural beauty expert, makeup artist and herbalist who is living proof that you can be gorgeous (and even wear makeup!) while still being clean and green.


Scary news: many of us have been putting unhealthy beauty products on our bodies for so long that we now have chemical buildups inside. Scarier news: babies are being born with these chemicals already present in their bodies! Encouraging news: some of the worst ingredients wash out of your system pretty quickly, meaning if you make some changes now, you can reap the benefits fast.

Over breakfast in her Fort Greene neighborhood in Brooklyn, Blades explained why it’s so important for anyone -- and especially anyone pregnant -- to stock up on green beauty products, stat. “There are so many things out there you can’t control, from chemical pollution to environmental factors, but you can control what you put on your body,” she says. “Your skin is your largest organ. If you’re worried about what you’re eating, you should be thinking about what beauty products you’re using too.”

Here’s a few of Blades’ favorite new green beauty products for 2014.

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