Beer and Breastfeeding

5 stouts that will keep your milk supply up all holiday season long.

Beer and Breastfeeding

Let’s be real. After 9-plus months of you brewing a beautiful babe in that magical baby incubator called your womb, mama is in need of a drank. But just as you were about to pop that bottle (yours, not baby’s) you heard that sweet cry and remembered “damn it, I’m breastfeeding!” No, no. You already know breastfeeding is possibly one of the best things you can be doing for your babe! So, bravo. Stop and pat yourself on the back.

Then pour yourself out a celebratory beer. A stout in fact. While it’s not necessarily the milk-making powerhouse we once thought (since alcohol has been shown to inhibibit your letdown reflex , it is made with barley, one of the most lactogenic foods you can get your hands on. And opting for a low ABV stout may be exactly what you need to not to help stimulate your milk supply but also to take the edge off. In moderation, of course.


Here are 5 seasonal stout beers to celebrate with this season. Cheers!

  1. Lacto-matic Milk Stout.

  1. Samuel Smith Organic Chocolate Stout.

  1. Carton of Milk.

  1. Tallgrass Vanilla Bean Buffalo Sweat.

  1. Mackeson XXX Stout.

*Please consult with your doctor or lactation consultant before imbibing

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