Best Baby Gifts Under $50

10 gift ideas for the babies of the bunch that are fun and affordable.

Best Baby Gifts Under $50

Shopping for gifts during the holiday season can be stressful, but we actually think shopping for the babies in our lives is a lot of fun! Even better... You don't have to break the bank to find meaningful, beautiful and fun gifts for them. Since there's an overload of incredibly cute baby stuff out there, we want to help you in your quest. From fun receiving blankets to an indestructible book to on-the-go toys, here are 10 baby gifts under $50.

1. Skip Hop Explore & More Follow-Bee Crawl Toy. Designed to grow with your child, this motorized toy uses colorful lights and fun tunes to entice your little crawler-- beginner and seasoned alike -- to get moving. Designed to grow with your child, this 2-in-1 toy also encourages discovery and motor skills and sensory development, and, with its detachable rather with rubber details, it's even great for pre-crawlers. $25, buy here.


2. Manhattan Toy Activity Spiral Travel Toy. Want to keep your little one entertained when you are on the go? Equipped with teethers, rattles, crinkly paper and a mirror, this spiral toy wraps around your stroller (any stroller) to keep your babe busy and happy. It encourages reaching and grasping, which fosters fine motor skills. Plus, we love the playful combination of black-and-white stripes and colorful geometric patterns. $21, buy here.

3. elliefunday flannel cat hat. What's cuter than a baby sporting a bonnet or a hat with animal ears? Nothing, that's what. So don't wait any longer to snatch one of those super soft, super cute hats for baby. Not only will baby's cuteness melt your heart, his (actual) ears are sure to stay warm under the cotton flannel material. Plus, it's organic! $42, buy here.

4. Kid O activity board. If you want baby to learn the concept of cause and effect, look no further. This box is fun and engaging, and good looking enough that we wouldn't mind displaying it on our media center. With Kid O's new activity board, baby will be captivated by the light, sound and vibration that will be triggered by his touch. Plus, the integrated handle makes it super easy to take it with you, wherever you go. $39.99, buy here.

5. Monica & Andy coming home blanket. Once winter hits, there's nothing better for baby than cuddling up in a cozy blanket, especially if he is fresh out of the womb. This receiving blanket from Monica & Andy is made of organic cotton and has just the right amount of stretch to wrap your wee one all snuggly and tight. You can also use it as a stroller blanket or on the floor for playtime. Plus, we are crushing on the coffee pattern because, well... coffee sounds pretty good, right about now. $38, buy here.

6. Oli & Carol natural rubber ducks. Bath time, fun time? Most babies think so, but these rubber ducks are a classic to add to your artillery of fun and cute bath toys, so you can distract baby while shampooing him up with minimum drama. They are also eco-friendly and can even stay afloat without a hole, which means they'll also stay mold free. $12, buy here.

7. Indestructibles Hey Diddle Diddle book. Babies don't just read with their eyes, but with their hands and with their mouths. That's right, your little one's books are bound to be folded and rolled up and chewed on -- the kind of stuff that an ordinary book wouldn't be able to withstand. But not the Indestructibles. Those chew-proof, drool-proof and rip-proof baby books can survive anything -- even the inevitable wash it will eventually need. $3.56, buy here.

8. Zutano leather baby shoes. It's not because baby doesn't walk that you should skimp on stylish footwear for his little tootsies. Zutano recently came out with new leather baby shoes, and they are really, really cute! Made of genuine leather, these soft-soled booties are perfect as crib shoes or first walkers. They have an adjustable strap that will keep it securely on our little people's feet. $39.50, buy here and get 20% off with code: ROUNDED20.

9. Ubbi muslin blanket buddies. If you want a gift that double-tasks and that's with baby at playtime and bedtime, the ubbi blanket is the perfect gift. Inspired by woodland, jungle or pet creatures, the Ubbi muslin blanket buddy becomes a stuffed animal when tucked away in its integrated pocket. So it's sure to become baby's best pal for every daily occasion. $29.99, buy here.

10. Winter Water Factory cactus romper. Mama will deal with a lot of blowouts and spit-ups, so you may want to help her up her stash of baby clothes. If so, do it in style and opt for a comfortable, easy-to-put-on romper with cool prints. And since it's cold out, why not give her a little taste of summer with this desert-themed one-piece from Winter Water Factory? You'll be in trend -- cactus are in right now. $44, buy here.

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