Best Gifts for Toddlers, By Age

From ages 1-4, we’ve got great gifts to make your shopping easier

Best Gifts for Toddlers, By Age

For as prepared as I am for most things, I tend to procrastinate when it comes to shop for birthday gifts. As we’ve reached the phase of life where we have a birthday party every weekend it seems, I find myself perplexed over what to buy. I know my kids, but do these other children like what my mine like? I know my values, but do they align with other parents’?

So when it comes to gift-giving, I break it down into categories and ask myself questions like, “Is Jimmy more into music or reading?” This gives me some guidance and the space to make my own selection for a thoughtful gift.


From presents on wheels to reading material, we've got great gender-neutral gifts for children from one to four years old. Here's our selection of 24 awesome gifts for toddlers.


1. Pop Play Maracas. These beautiful wooden maracas are safely and beautifully painted so that Mom and Dad feel great about them while baby can enjoy the sounds and bright colors. $8.99, buy here.

2. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. This book has great rhythm for story time, and it’s never too early to start learning those ABCs. $5.59, buy here.

3. Lola Lollipop teething necklace. At one, baby is still attached to mom, especially when it’s teething time. This is a great option for mom and baby. $24.99, buy here.

4. Crayola Egg Crayons. Baby’s first crayons! These are perfect for a first grip and you and your kid will delight over their surprise to see colors show up on paper! $11.99, buy here.

5. Melissa and Doug maze. Baby can work on colors, hand-eye coordination, and have a whole lot of fun with this First Bead Maze. $11.99, buy here.

6. Radio Flyer Walker. Whether it's for a baby who's just learning to walk or for an old walking pro, this walker is great for balance, mobility, and imaginary play (just think of all you can load up in that basket!). $45.20, buy here.


1. Hohner Marine Harmonica. We got our two-year-old a harmonica for her birthday and were deemed “coolest parents ever.” It’s easy to get great sounds out of a harmonica, which can also be an instrument they can grow up learning to play better and better. $39.49, buy here.

2. Cat Oekaki House Art Board. Magnetic art boards are fantastic for toddlers since they’re not messy. But the pen and shape options give your child lots of variety all in one place. $66, buy here.

3. KID O shape sorter. Continue improving that hand-eye coordination and work on shapes and colors skills, all while having fun with this cute shape sorter. $29.99, buy here.

4. Big Hungry Bear. This is one of those classics that is passed down for generations. The story is engaging, but simple, and the illustrations are gorgeous. $11.14, buy here.

5. Nutcase scooter helmet. Tour the streets in style (and safely!) with this super cute helmet to go with your scooter. $49.99, buy here.

6. Mini Micro Scooter. By two, those city kids are on-the-go. Everyone knows a scooter is the best way to navigate the sidewalks, and the Mini Micro is great for beginning scooters. $89.99, buy here.


1. Pete the Cat. This book is a huge hit in our house, and the book about his groovy buttons is so fun to read allowed. Not to mention--it’s a great introduction to elementary math! $9.08, buy here.

2. Plan Toys Rhythm Box. I’d make sure to get a parental nod-of-approval first (because, drumming); but three is a great age for studying rhythm. This beautiful wooden rhythm box is much more manageable than a drum kit too! $60, buy here.

3. Land of Nod Easel. At some point in parenthood, you will have an art easel; so why not make it beautiful like this stylish option from Land of Nod. Your kid will feel like a brilliant artist, and you won’t mind it sitting in the living room corner. $149, buy here.

4. Playdoh Classic Tool Set. Tactile play is where it’s at, when you’re three; and with PlayDoh, you can associate shapes, colors, and textures. These vintage tools are pretty enough to please mom, but super fun too. $39.99, buy here.

5. Janod Balance Bike. What do parents of three-year-olds want to do? Wear out that energy! This balance bike is a stylish foray into two-wheeled transportation--a great gift for parents and kids alike. $77, buy

6. Custom Superhero Cape. I don’t know many three-year-olds who don’t like to finish off their OOTD with some great accessories. Custom-design a great superhero cape and love watching your hero dash around your neighborhood! $21, buy here.


1. Islabikes Cnoc. With all that practice, a big four-year-old might be ready to try a real bike. This is a simple, stylish and lightweight option: Islabikes or Rascal Rides has the five top bikes for 3- to 5-year-olds. $369, buy here.

2. Darice Artyfacts Portable Art Studio. Four-year-olds want to express themselves! This art kit offers a variety of colors and mediums for a burgeoning artist and opiner. $5.52, buy here.

3. The Book With No Pictures. Kids will find this book hysterical! And I love how they’re learning to listen to the words of a story, without relying on illustrations. $17.99, buy here.

4. Herschel backpack. You’ve got places to go (school!) and people to see (friends!), so you’ll need something to carry everything from point A to B! $39.99, buy here.

5. Kala Makala Ukulele. A ukulele is another great instrument to grow up with. Kiddos can play around with rhythm, tones, and dynamics, but also learn to play actual songs with a little practice and maybe a lesson or fourteen. $49.99, buy here.

6. HAPE tool station. A kid can be just like mom and dad, fixing something around the house, or imagine a whole new creation with this sweet, realistic tool bench! $87, buy here.

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