Best Stretch Mark Creams

Part two of our pregnancy stretch mark showdown.

Best Stretch Mark Creams

If there’s one thing that binds us in our pregnancy, it is our quest to stay stretch mark-free. Last month, we featured some of our favorite natural options for pregnancy belly oil and crowned the very best one. Now we’re digging into the best pregnancy stretch mark cream.

To get you the most honest results possible, we sent some of our favorite natural stretch mark creams to some of our favorite pregnant New Yorkers. For variety, we picked one lady in each trimester. We asked for the good, the bad and the ugly. And we told them not to stop rubbing till they found a winner. Below, find out how they rated some of the top pregnancy stretch mark creams on the market.


Notes on judging: All creams were tested for the following attributes: Packaging, Scent, Feel, Absorbency and Effectiveness. Products were judged 1-5 for each attribute, so 75 was the max score for every cream.

Aimee Raupp Organic Belly Butter, $35

Pros: “I love the fluffy, whipped consistency of this cream.”

“Aimee Raupp's gold tin is so pretty and cool.”

“The certified organic ingredients gave me peace of mind.”

Cons: “Neither me, nor a friend, nor my husband could open the tightly sealed tin package.”

Cliff Notes: Aimee Raupp’s packaging scored high on looks and ingredients, but low on ease. Testers found it to be absorbent and effective.

Total Score: 42

Mama Mio The Tummy Rub Butter, $36

Pros: “I used this cream during both my pregnancies and it has been very effective.”

“I am more than happy to use it twice a day both for the feel on my belly and the calming scent. It's a lightweight cream that sinks into the skin with ease.”

“There is also a cooling effect to this cream that feels like heaven on my tight belly.”

Cons: “Mama Mio is one of the more synthetic-feeling creams and carries a strong fragrance.”

Cliff Notes: Mama Mio achieved totally perfect scores for its feel, and came pretty close on absorbency. Smell was one of its weaker characteristics.

Total Score: 66

Basq NYC Intensive Treatment Stretch Mark Butter, $38

Pros: “I love this big tub of cream!”

“Its refreshing fragrance and good absorbency makes it a great cream.”

“Beautiful scent.”

Cons: “I had to wash it off after my first use because my sensitive skin started to itch and get red... perhaps the lovely fragrance ingredients aren't for everyone's skin!”

Cliff Notes: The scent and packaging were a big win for Basq’s belly cream, but its absorbency was lower than average in our lot.”

Total Score: 52

Mumsie Stretch Mark Relief Cream, $12.99

Pros: “The thickest of the bunch, but still absorbed quickly.”

Cons: “The packaging is boring, the fragrance is sour, and the consistency is too thin.”

“Overall, I felt this product was very chemically.”

Cliff Notes: While our moms-to-be were impressed with Mumsie’s affordability and effectiveness, the cream’s scent and feel didn’t stack up with its competitors.

Total Score: 47

Aden + Anais Stretch Mark Reducing Cream, $29.95

Pros: “The scent is light and fresh and it soaks into the skin quickly and smoothly.”

“The cream is also more lotion-like with high absorbency than a rich cream.”

“I have generally had great experiences with everything else that has come out of this brand.”

Cons: “Too watery/thin.”

Cliff Notes: With its light consistency, our testers scored Aden + Anais high on absorbency, but the pump packaging was not well received.

Total Score: 46

And our Best Pregnancy Stretch Mark Cream winner is….Mama Mio The Tummy Rub Butter!

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