Over the past few weeks we’ve shown you the über cool new Bugaboo by Diesel stroller in the hands of some of the coolest Brooklyn dads we know. From Stumptown’s Roastery in Red hook to Roberta’s in Bushwick to an interior designer’s mecca in Gowanus, our stories captured innovation in action--both the dads and the strollers. Designed with a true inventive spirit, the Bugaboo by Diesel was built for the only the brave among us. Then again, everyday parenting takes more bravery than we ever imagined. So we could all use a Bugaboo by Diesel, right? This week, enter to win the first stroller in the Bugaboo by Diesel collection, a stroller even the coolest kid on the block will envy. Enter now! Winner: Theresa J

Courtney Barker

British mom Courtney Barker is sharing the story of how her son, 7-month-old Arthur contracted COVID-19 in the hopes of preventing other families from going through what hers is. Thankfully, little Arthur is now feeling better, but last week he was rushed to the hospital.

His mama recalled the experience in a now-viral Facebook post that is attracting worldwide attention.

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