Changing baby’s diaper totally sucks. But the place where you change it doesn’t have to. Whether you’re going for a traditional diaper caddy, topping your dresser with a changing pad, or making that sideboard do double doodie (get it?), we’ve got some Pinterest inspiration to help you create a design-centric changing station you won’t ever want your little one to outgrow. 1. OPEN CHANGING STATION. If you want to go the traditional route, pick an exposed changing station with plenty of shelf room. Keep baby’s stuff organized in baskets or storage bins for easy access during a particularly intense blowout. Create a cool gallery wall, or try some whimsical wallpaper that peeks through the open spaces.


2. DRESSER. You’ll probably need a dresser in baby’s room anyway, so why not cross off two baby must-haves with one purchase? Or grab a dresser you’ve already got and add a fresh coat of paint (or several different ones) or some new knobs for a dresser-slash-changing table that’s just for baby. Don’t forget a changing table topper to keep that pad in place!


3. SIDEBOARD. Try moving your dining room sideboard into baby’s room for a modern take on the changing station. You’ll love this lower height for diaper changes, and all the space you have above to decorate. Keep the chaos inside contained and organized with a smart diaper caddy.


Got a favorite changing table look from Pinterest? Tell us in the comments below!
Courtney Barker

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