In a perfect mama world, we’d all make healthy, delicious and organic food for our babies from scratch every day. But for many of us mamas, it’s just not possible. So packaged baby food becomes an important part of our lives for months, and even years. No judgement here. We all just want to do the best we can to feed our babies, right?

Still, we won’t lie: not being able to see what’s inside our baby food squeeze pouches scares the bejesus out of us. And not understanding WTF the ingredients are within each pouch doesn’t help.

Which is why we’re super excited about Happy Family’s new line of Clearly Crafted transparent baby food pouches. The collection includes 10 new Stage 2 recipes (for babies aged 6+ months), and two new Stage 1 recipes, packaged with a transparent window so you can see what your baby’s about to eat. Each pouch also includes the full recipe story, in words you understand (think: 1/2 apple, 1/4 guava and 3 TSP beet puree), so you don’t have to wonder if something’s light on the healthy and heavy on the sweet, and you can even replicate (should you feel so inclined... again, no judgement) at home.


Registered Dietician (and NYC mom) Anita Mirchandani was equally as excited. “Given the multitude of food recalls in the baby food market, Clearly Crafted should help decrease the anxiety and concern felt by many parents with respect to making safe food choices for their little ones,” she said. “Food safety issues such as mold or foreign substances could easily be spotted in this form of packaging.”

But doesn’t exposing food to light reduce shelf-life and affect nutritional content? Happy Family noted that Clearly Crafted products have a shelf life of 10 months, which is shorter than the core line of Happy Family pouches, which takes into account possible light exposure.

A company spokesperson explained: “We have done extensive testing around the impacts of not just light, but also temperature and oxidation, on our pouch products. As many parents may know, cooking foods and exposing food to light can lead to some vitamin loss; however, we account for the losses on each nutrition facts panel on the back of each product. For example, our Apples, Kale and Avocados recipe provides 100% DV of Vitamin A, 25% DV of Vitamin C, 2g of Fiber and 1g of Protein. This line is all about transparency, so we want parents to understand the recipe and nutritional content just from looking at the package.”

While Happy Family still has a large range of baby and toddler food products in opaque packaging, their Clearly Crafted collection is big step in a baby food industry known for, well, baby steps. Because when it comes to our babies, we’ll take all the transparency we can get.

There is no denying that every baby is born with their very own personality and now you're really starting to see that emerge! Whether your buddy is silly or more serious, we bet you are loving this time of really getting to know each other.

At this point, you're probably feeling like your baby changes by the minute, and watching this transformation is so much fun. But let's face it: Their increasing mobility and newfound independence can throw a mama for a major loop. Just when you start to feel like you've mastered this new mom thing, your baby goes and changes the game.

As you also know by now, life isn't slowing down very much. Some mamas prefer diving right back into their "former life" as soon as possible after their baby's arrival; others are only starting to dip their toes back into those waters. You do you, mama!

Either way, adding these products to your personal and parenting toolkits can make these transitions so much easier (and more enjoyable, too!).

For soothing baby bottoms: The Honest Company diaper rash cream

Honest diaper cream

As the food your baby eats changes, so too may their dirty diapers. If that's causing some irritation, you'll want to stock up on some fast-acting diaper rash cream.


For baby-proofing: Safety 1st childproofing essentials kit

Safety First

With mobility in your near future, now is the time to give your house a safety once-over. We're still waiting for an explanation as to why babies gravitate straight to household hazards, but prepare yourself before they find those eye-level outlets.


When baby has something to say: ‘Baby Signs’ board book

Baby signs

Long before you can have conversations, baby sign language can give your baby an effective way to communicate their needs. Our favorite starter signs are 'milk,' 'more' and 'all done.'


A friend for peekaboo: Bright Starts belly laugh puppy

Bright Starts

Between the ages of 4 and 7 months, babies generally develop their sense of object permanence, which means they understand that something isn't gone forever when it's out of sight. This also means they're in on the joke during a fun game of peekaboo!


For introducing new flavors: Plum Organics stage 2 baby food

Plum Organics

As you continue to add more options to your baby's diet, some organic, pre-made pouches are both convenient and delicious. (For your baby, at least—although we'll say some of the flavors aren't that bad.)


For at-home date night: Scrabble board game


Mix up your at-home entertainment options with a 2-person board game. For stakes, have the loser take out the diaper trash for a week!


For wine night: Threshold stainless steel wine glasses


Long-stem, breakable wine glasses and babies just don't mix—but if you're planning an at-home date night or hosting a few friends, these durable glasses are a fantastic option.


For jeans you love now: Universal Thread high-waist jeans

Universal Thread

It's a fact: Pregnancy and motherhood change our bodies in ways beyond what a scale measures. There is something incredibly empowering about embracing your body for exactly how it is today by finding a pair of jeans you feel comfortable in now.


For a home refresh: Project 62 shag rug

Project 62

When you have a baby with crawling in the horizon, it's a good time for a plush, comfortable rug to spruce up the living room. It will see a lot of playtime in the future, so go for something large in size.


For healthy snacks on hand: (re)zip reusable lunch bags

rezip bags

Keeping up with your baby can work up quite the appetite, so it helps to keep some options on hand that are healthy for both you and the environment. Cut up some veggies at the beginning of the week and stash them in these reusable bags for easy, eco-friendly meal prep.


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How often do we see a "misbehaving" child and think to ourselves, that kid needs more discipline? How often do we look at our own misbehaving child and think the same thing?

Our society is conditioned to believe that we have to be strict and stern with our kids, or threaten, shame or punish them into behaving. This authoritarian style of parenting is characterized by high expectations and low responsiveness—a tough love approach.

But while this type of authoritarian parenting may elicit "obedient" kids in the short-term, studies suggest that children who are shamed or punished in the name of discipline face challenges in the long-term. Research suggests that children who are harshly disciplined or shamed tend to be less happy, less independent, less confident, less resilient, more aggressive and hostile, more fearful and at higher risk for substance abuse and mental health issues as adults and adolescents.


The reason? No one ever changes from being shamed.

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