DIY: Baby Basket

The perfect baby gift in 5 easy steps from the experts at Bonjour Baby Baskets.

DIY: Baby Basket

When it comes to baby gifts, nothing quite rivals the magical gift basket. It’s all at once thrilling as you dig through and unearth those treasures one by one, sentimental since each item often contains meaning for both the giver and receiver, and (hopefully) useful, with an array of items that both baby and you will love.

Susana Goldin-Douaire, owner of Bonjour Baby Baskets, knows that excitement well, as do the recipients of her carefully curated gift baskets. Each basket is filled with locally made designer clothing and organic and natural baby products and baby-safe toys, then carefully arranged in a beautiful and reusable natural wool basket. Plus, $5 dollars of the proceeds of each basket are donated to charity, which means there’s as much love coming out of each basket as going in.

“We spend lots of time finding the perfect combination of products to create a very special gift, she says. “Creating a gift basket is like creating a piece of art. The products that we incorporate in each basket have been hand-selected for their good quality and safety standards.”

Below, Goldin-Douaire walks us through the 5 steps to create the perfect baby gift basket for the newest little one in your life. Would you rather she did it for you? Hop over to giveaway and win a custom $100 Bonjour Baby Basket, or go ahead and order one of her drool-worthy designs using our exclusive discount code WRNY15 here!*

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Want Susana to just make it for you? I know, we do too. Hop on over to and use our exclusive code WRNY15 to get 15% off your order until April 19! (Did we mention prices are in Canadian dollars, and the exchange rate is currently amazing?)

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