EMU Australia Mommy + Me Boots (Closed)

Winter with a baby can be daunting. The cold, the snow, the isolation. But, oh, the fashion! Is there anything cuter than an itty bitty pair of wool-lined baby boots that can fit in the palm of your hand? Oh yes, there is. A matching pair for mommy.

We want you to spend your winter all Mommy + Me’d out with two pairs of beautiful boots from EMU Australia (a package worth more than $250!). Mom will get the Charlotte , part of the company’s awesome waterproof collection (Slush? What slush?) that’s guaranteed to keep your feet warm, dry and comfy. Baby will get a bootie or walker , depending on how much she’s moving. Or if you’ve got a little one who’s a little bit bigger, she can even get a matching pair of Charlotte boots in her very own size.

So go head, enter below and get your snow dance on.

Winner: May h

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