Erbaviva Mommy & Baby Essentials Boxes (Closed)

From just about the minute you become pregnant, all everyone talks about is baby, baby, baby. But what about mama? You’re working hard creating a life and all, and we think you deserve a little extra TLC. So how about a box of healthy, organic skincare goodies from our friends at Erbaviva that’s for you and you alone? This week, we’re giving away a Mommy Essentials Gift Box with Erbaviva’s best hits for pregnancy: nourishing and luxuriant Stretch Mark Oil, Stretch Mark Cream and Back Rub Oil. Made with pure living herbs, essential oils and botanicals, all of these delicious goodies meet the highest standards of organic certification (USDA-certified, just like food!), efficacy and sustainability. And everything Erbaviva makes is free from artificial fragrances, dyes and chemical additives, which is pretty essential when you’re growing a human inside of you. Ok, you got us--we’re thinking about your baby too! So we’re throwing in an Erbaviva Baby Essentials Gift Box with organic baby oil, baby cream and baby shampoo, too. Not pregnant? We just solved your next baby shower gift dilemma. You’re welcome. Enter below to win this indulgent mama and baby gift package now! Winner: Kristine S

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