First Year of Baby (Closed)

$300 Giveaway!

First Year of Baby (Closed)

Did you know that more babies are born in August than any other month of the year? Whether you wanted to liven up your summer with a fun new project, you love that Peridot birthstone, or you just couldn’t help getting hot and heavy during those cold winter months (we can’t blame you), we’ve got a fun giveaway to start your first year of baby off right.

For that first year of baby, we’re pretty sure you’re going to need a diaper bag. And the 7AM Enfant Barcelona Bag can’t be beat. It’s a chic carryall that also has stroller straps, not to mention an insulated lunchbox, and fleece-lined, cushioned changing pad. Next, we’re gifting you the Baby Brezza Formula Pro because even if you breastfeed, there’s a chance you’re going to need a bottle at some point during that first year. This snazzy machine works with all bottles and formulas, and can make any size bottle in under 30 seconds. Finally, document every minute of that first year with Milestone Baby Cards Miffy Edition, because the only thing cuter than baby is baby with Miffy next to her. We’re also throwing in the Milestone Pregnancy Cards Miffy Edition because, well, not every baby is an August baby!

Win our First Year of Baby package (worth $300!) by entering below.

Winner: Ki-Oda K

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