Friday Five

5 links to send you into your weekend.

Friday Five

It seems like everywhere I look in Manhattan, there are mothers of newborn babies sporting totally flat abs. I’d love to tell you that it doesn’t bother me at all, but I find it INFURIATING!!! So in an effort to tone up, I signed up for a couple of those barre classes. Honestly, the person who invented those classes totally hates women. Everything hurts. Everything. Feel free to cheer me up in the comments section here because I am *this* close to fleeing my office for the doughnut place on 19th & Broadway.

Forget diet and exercise. Three cheers for fashion with built in shapewear! Post-partum mamas will be thrilled to add the sleek and slenderizing styles from Project Gravitas to their wardrobes. The Dress in a Desk is perfect in a wardrobe pinch, but I’m kind of drooling over the Confidence Series.

Want to make your laundry and dry cleaning disappear? If you live in Manhattan or Brooklyn, then the app Cleanly will make it ALL GO AWAY!

Uber-famous makeup artist Jeanine Lobell says parenting is only hard if you think it’s hard. Also, her kids are really, really good looking.

If any of you purchased a 2015 UppaBaby stroller, please, please, please check to see if you’re affected by this recall.

What is it about babies, dogs and the internet? Check out this adorable duo. And now excuse me while I go borrow somebody’s furry beast and open a new Instagram account. I’M GONNA BE FAMOUS!!! Have a great weekend everybody!


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