Greenbuds Organic Crib Mattress + Pad

While we know going organic is not always feasible, when it comes to your crib mattress--where your newborn can spend more than 16 hours every day--it’s pretty much non-negotiable. Traditional mattresses can be made with cotton that is sprayed with pesticides or polyurethane foam, and coated with fire-retardant chemicals that can irritate baby and even cause breathing problems. That’s no way to start your little one’s life. But a Greenbuds organic crib mattress? Now THAT’S something we can cozy up to.

Greenbuds uses only the finest organic and all-natural materials. It’s completely free of synthetics, pesticides and chemicals--which are not only allergenic substances, but have been proven to increase the risk of SIDS. Every mattress is created with the goal of promoting personal and environmental health, from the plant growth until the completion of Greenbuds’ production. And the product line is designed to fit both your baby and budget, with a customizable “mix and match” system of cotton or wool removable and washable mattress covers, removing the need for synthetic water barriers. They also offer a large range of organic mattresses, mattress covers, mattress protectors and sheets.

While we’re pretty bowled over by Greenbuds affordable organic mattress pricing, we still want to make it a little easier for one WRNY reader to go organic, so we’re giving away a Greenbuds mattress and mattress cover. Win the Magnolia Deluxe Organic 2 in 1 Crib Mattress, made of 4" All Natural Coconut Coir + 1" All Natural Latex, and encased in Organic Cotton Cover Quilted with Organic Wool. You’ll also get Greenbuds’ Organic Wool Mattress Pad for added protection and comfort--the only truly organic mattress pad for crib protection, without any synthetics, plus the great benefits of wool which wicks moisture and regulates body temperature. Enter Below!

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