High Chairs for High Design

Let your new babe fit right into your dream kitchen with these 5 fashionable baby seats.

High Chairs for High Design

Babies are small and beautiful and perfect. And yet most of their gear is so big and ugly and awkward! It’s like finding the best new roommate ever...who then proceeds to crowd your apartment with all her awful stuff. But for some reason, when it comes to baby, we tend to throw all of our design standards to the wind. Those jumperoos and exersaucers are short-lived, right? But high chairs? Not so much.

Since you’re going to be pulling up a chair for this little person at your table for at least a few years to come, you might as well get something you enjoy looking at even when baby’s not sitting inside. Here’s a few of our favorite high chairs that will fit into your kitchen no matter what your high design.

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