Holiday Gift Guide: Jessica

A perfect day of holiday shopping (and indulging) in Jess' neighborhood of Park Slope.

Holiday Gift Guide: Jessica

We love holiday shopping online just as much as the next girl, but there’s nothing that compares to treasures you can find when you shop local. Especially when your local is New York City. And more specifically, Brooklyn. This year, I’m taking a day off of work--and kids--to indulge in a little “market research” in my neighborhood of Park Slope, and knock out all the holiday gifts on my list. Oh, and have a little food and drink along the way. I deserve it.

Can’t make it to Park Slope before the presents need to get wrapped? No worries, you can shop these local gems online too. And don’t forget to check out Kaity’s tour of her Williamsburg hood for more fun gift ideas!

All right, let’s get started...

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Illustration by Jennifer Cascino of Famous Swan Productions.

Rarely is a woman more concerned with what her body needs than when she's pregnant. We start to question and research everything, right? From swearing off turkey sandwiches to diving down the rabbit hole of prenatal supplements that make up what we lack, the stress of overthinking is real, mama.

One of the main reasons we launched the Motherly Shop is to help take some of that stress away. We've tracked down the best brands and products developed by people (and in many cases, women!) that truly work to serve the needs of real mamas, especially throughout the overwhelming transition into motherhood.

That's why we knew we had to introduce mamas-to-be to the science-backed and expertly-formulated protein collagen for pregnancy from Needed. And as one of our bestsellers, it's clear you've been looking for it, too.

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These kids dishes don’t look like kids dishes

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My 4.5-year-old is, let's say, spirited in his opinions. He very clearly knows what he wants and doesn't want (oh to have the confidence of a stubborn preschooler!). And what he doesn't want right now is anything that looks too babyish. "That's for babies," he'll say if I give him anything with primary colors or looks too miniature. He doesn't want the baby fork and spoon, he wants what grown-ups use. He doesn't want the baby plastic cups and plates, he wants the glass and ceramic ones.

Well, you can see where this is going.

I had to find something that would satisfy his "not a baby" opinions but still not shatter to pieces if he accidentally drops it on the floor. I had to find him something that's made for kids but doesn't feel made for kids.

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Here are the 10 photos you will want to take on baby's first day.

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