The first trimester is tricky when it comes to getting dressed. Most of us have more of a bloat than an actual bump (comparable to one too many beers or seriously intense PMS!), which makes tight pants uncomfortable. And as many of us also keep the bump under wraps for the first 12 weeks, concealing it as best as possible is a must. So how can we look and feel our best, remain comfortable and fashionable and not appear as if we were just on a boozy bender for three months? Here are 4 strategies to style your growing belly during the first trimester.


Oversized sweaters, loose-fitting tops and billowy dresses are your best bet to hide the bump with style. Dark colors are also key to hide your silhouette because they create less shadow.

1. Zara Babydoll Shirt. $49.99, buy here.

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3. Hatch Collection Waffle Turtleneck. $328, buy here.


Deflection off your midsection is a key strategy during the first trimester. Shoulder baring tops, plunging necklines and shorter dresses take the eye away from your tummy and onto other parts of your body.

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3. Hatch Collection Notched Blouse. $178, buy here.


The key to staying comfortable in the early months (and really throughout your entire pregnancy) is giving the bump as much space as possible to breathe. Anything constricting will be uncomfortable. From overalls to joggers, plenty of original and in-trend silhouettes will allow for this and still make you look super cute.

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As small as your belly may be during the first trimester, you may want to highlight it. In that case, go all out and scoop up fitted pieces. But make sure to purchase ones with stretch for the growing bump. Like that, you’ll get the most bang for your buck throughout pregnancy and beyond!

1. ASOS Faux Leather Maternity Legging. $34, buy here.

2. Rag & Bone Sweater Dress. $350, buy here.

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