By now you’ve probably heard about how Korean skincare is all the rage in the beauty world. There are some seriously wacky sounding products out there, some of which I totally believe the hype about (snail enzyme) and some that I’m left truly scratching my head over (pills to make grey hair go away?!?)

Since Korean skincare has only recently permeated the Western market, it’s not always easy to figure out which products are safe for pregnancy. It’s especially daunting since all of the products are in Korean packaging, making it impossible to know what you’re putting on your skin (unless you can read Korean, obviously).


Thank goodness for Glow Recipe. Founders Christine Chang and Sarah Lee sell natural Korean products for shoppers who want the latest goods (and benefits), but without any mysterious or harsh chemicals. Below, I’ve rounded up my faves from their site, and I’m pretty sure you’ll be swooning over them when you give them a shot!

1. Whamisa Organic Flowers Lip: Are your lips freaking out from the totally awesome combination of pregnancy and winter scaliness? Another great product from Whamisa, not only is it hydrating and smell great, but it’s certified organic so you know you won’t be ingesting chemicals during your pregnancy or leaving any kisses on your baby that could have toxic materials. It uses natural Chrysanthemum extracts as a hydrating base for ultra soft lips.

2. Blossom Jeju 100% Camellia Dry Oil: If your pregnancy is drying out your skin, this is the answer for you. I’ve been living for this oil ever since I tried it. It works well layered over a serum and under moisturizer, smells delicious, and feels richly moisturizing without being greasy. It pairs wonderfully with the LJH Vita Propolis Ampoule and feels extra luxurious. The oil deposits a rich blend of antioxidants and proteins onto your skin without a greasy finish.

3. Whamisa Organic Flowers Hydrogel Mask: If your skin is feeling dry and tight you’re gonna love sheet masks -- they’re soothing and feel incredibly luxurious, so I’m extra pleased that Glow Recipe has such an awesome one in their repertoire. It’s made of gentle, natural botanical ingredients like aloe vera, which is super hydrating and healing. It has a lightly floral scent when you initially put it on, and since it’s a gel mask instead of a traditional cotton sheet mask, it’s extremely cooling, so any irritated or broken out skin will instantly feel comforted.

4. Whamisa cleansing oil: I know a lot of women who are reticent to add oil to their skin when they are pregnant since their skin is already hormonal and imbalanced, but I highly recommend giving cleansing oils a chance. It may seem counterintuitive, but the oils help unclog any dirt and gunk that is in your pores and give you a deep clean without leaving your skin feeling stripped of it’s natural sebum. This mineral-free oil is made of hazel seed, olive fruit and avocado oil.

5. LJH Vita Propolis Ampoule: So many women report dryness during pregnancy but are scared that a serum may be too greasy, but this serum is surprisingly lightweight, jam packed full of vitamins, and an excellent solution for pregnancy breakouts or for treating melasma. You can spread it all over your face and it’s light enough to layer under oils or moisturizers, or you can use it as a spot treatment anywhere you may have dark spots or discoloration, which is common during pregnancy. Dot it on your upper lip, forehead, or cheeks to help protect and treat existing spots. It was the perfect follow-up to the hydrogel mask.

Motherhood is a practice in learning, growing and loving more than you ever thought possible. Even as a "veteran" mama of four young sons and one newly adopted teenager, Jalyssa Richardson enthusiastically adapts to whatever any given day has in store—a skill she says she's refined through the years.

Here's what just one day in her life looks like:

Jalyssa says she learned to embrace agility throughout her motherhood journey. Here's more from this incredible mama of five boys.

What is the most challenging part of your day as a mom of five?

Time management! I want to meet each of the boys' individual needs—plus show up for myself—but I often feel like someone gets overlooked.

What's the best part of being a mom of five?

The little moments of love. The hugs, the kisses, the cuddles, the smiles... they all serve as little reminders that I am blessed and I'm doing okay.

Are there misconceptions about raising boys?

There are so many misconceptions about raising boys. I think the biggest one is that boys don't have many emotions and they're just so active all the time. My boys display many emotions and they also love to be sweet and cuddly a lot of the time.

What do you think would surprise people the most about being a mom of five?

How much I enjoy it. I never knew I wanted to be a mom until I was pregnant with my first. My desire only grew and the numbers did! I am surprised with every single baby as my capacity to love and nurture grows. It's incredible.

How do you create balance and make time for yourself?

Balance for me looks like intentional planning and scheduling because I never want my boys to feel like they aren't my first priority, but it is extremely difficult. What I try to do is not fit it all into one day. I have work days because motherhood is my first priority. I fit in segments of self-care after the kids' bedtime so I don't grow weary.

What's the biggest lesson you have learned from motherhood?

I have learned that sacrifice is actually beautiful. I was terrified of the selflessness motherhood would require, but I've grown so much through the sacrifice. There is nothing better than living for something bigger than myself.

When did you first feel like a mom? How has your motherhood evolved?

I first felt like a mom when I was pregnant with my first son and I intentionally chose to change my eating habits so my body could be strong and healthy for him. I didn't have to think twice—I just did what I thought would be best for him. That decision being so effortless made me realize I was made for motherhood.

My perspective has changed with each baby as I've realized motherhood doesn't have to be one-size-fits-all. With my first son, I was a by-the-book mama and it was so stressful. With each baby, I have felt more freedom and it has made motherhood so much more beautiful. I have evolved into the mother that they need, I am perfect for these boys.

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