Known for its calming and relaxing properties, lavender is a no-brainer when it comes to baby skincare. It’s got an aromatic scent that’s both balancing and soothing, and last time we checked, those qualities come in really handy during those first few days/weeks/months with babe...ok, for life. While we’re all for the less-is-more approach when it comes to baby’s skin, we’ll take all the lavender we can get, especially when it’s inside some of the healthiest baby skincare brands out there. Here’s our picks for lavender skincare products that will take baby from bath to bed. Or at least calm you down. 1. Baby Mist: Baby Hugo, $8.99 // 2. Natural Wax Candle: beginning by Maclaren Celebration, $25 // 3. Baby Massage Cream: Wash With Water, $22.60 // 4. Body Oil (for mama!): Weleda Lavender Relaxing Body Oil, $22 // 5. Shampoo & Body Wash: Earth Mama Angel Baby, $9.95 6. Chest Rub: Honest Organic Breathe Easy, $9.95 // 7. Massage Oil: California Baby, $12.49



Just about all of us had set assumptions about raising kids before we became parents ourselves. Some of these ideas might have been based on our own ideas of how we would absolutely do things differently than everyone else. Others, we believed what everyone else told us would happen would apply to our littles, too. But, that's not always the case, mama.

Below are six of the biggest lies I believed before having kids—and the reality of what actually happened for me.

1. Put your baby down drowsy, but awake

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