Maternity Basics: Bump boxes

5 brands curating the foundation to your maternity closet.

Maternity Basics: Bump boxes

It’s fair to say that many of us aim to remain as stylish during pregnancy as we were pre-pregnancy. But as the bump gets bigger, it’s easy to get frustrated trying to figure out what works for your new body. Instead of hibernating for the next 9 months, keep it simple and start with a solid base of layers that will grow stylishly with you through every trimester. There’s nothing better than having a few pieces that you can use as a launch pad to your day’s outfit of choice. Especially when they’ve been bundled together into a pretty package by maternity experts.

Here are the best bump basics boxes that some of our favorite maternity sages have to offer--one of which you can win in this week's WRNY giveaway right here!

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