Can you believe your little one is getting ready to eat solids? Dinnertime is so much cuter when baby can finally be part of the action. That is, until you realize that a high chair wreaks havoc on your kitchen’s décor.

The Moon G2, which just got an update, is a dream chair for parents with an eye for design. It has clean cuts, minimalist color palettes, and an aesthetic that is sleek and playful all at once. Whether your style is modern, retro or industrial, this high chair will blend right in. Plus it's lux and long wearing, and it’s as big on fashion as it is on function.


Mima has thought of everything and loaded this beauty with intelligent and innovative features that cater to your child’s needs. Not only can the chair recline to gift your newborn with a comfortable lounger (the headrest is sold separately), but it also converts into a bubble seat that can hold kids up to 99 pounds.

The high chair also has a pneumatic cylinder to easily adjust its height, so your baby can sit at the dinner table or breakfast counter. And even though the seat is big and spacious, Mima’s high chair fits in deceptively tight quarters, making it a great choice for your city home. And it comes with a durable seat pad that you can wipe clean in a jiffy.


There has been a growing buzz lately about what some are calling "lazy parenting." It's being touted as the antidote to helicopter parenting, and, while its name may suggest otherwise, it's actually anything but lazy.

So what's the deal with lazy parenting? How do I do it and what will it do for my kids?

When I first heard of lazy parenting, I thought someone had been spying on my house on Fridays from 5:30pm until bedtime.

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