Mirror, Mirror

There is something that used to seem cheesy (and to be honest, slightly creepy) to me about seeing a mom and child dressed alike. We’re all about expressing our individual styles here in NY, so mini-me’s felt so...unoriginal. But with so many children’s brands making me say, “I wish they made that in my size,” I’m suddenly marching to the beat of a different drummer. Because those über-cool children’s brands heard us and are creating items for mom. And then there are the brands that are just so good and unique, it doesn’t matter who is putting them on in what size or how matchy-matchy you look, they’re still effing cool. Chances are you’re probably color coordinating “by accident” on most days anyway, right? So might as well do it with style.

Here are a few brands making your shopping trips a lot shorter:

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Another week has come and gone—and while there's still a chill in the air and (quite possibly), January is finally coming to an end. How did your first month of the new decade go, Mama?

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