Name: Christine Fadel

Neighborhood: DUMBO, Brooklyn

Baby: Edie Cooper, 5 months

Describe your personal style: Modern, comfortable, classic

Describe your parenting style: Respectful of who they are as individuals and honest as possible about life.

“After the birth of my first daughter three and a half years ago, I suffered from severe clinical postpartum depression for almost 18 months. It was, by far and away, the most difficult portion of my life and something I wouldn't wish on anyone. I was so incredibly unmotivated and I very rarely left our home, minus the random grocery store run. I felt isolated and, yet, also extremely claustrophobic.

Looking back, what would've done me a world of good was to be outside with my baby, meeting other moms and families who may or may not have some insight into this new world I was trying (and failing) to navigate. So, when I gave birth this past spring to our second daughter, I was determined to not let it happen again; rather, at the very least, I was determined to not let it turn our world upside down if it did. This time around, I also have a three year old at home to consider. Wearing my youngest baby allows our life to go on as normally as it possibly can, and to interact with other families and moms who can identify with what our life is like.

I didn't truly understand the importance of a tribe when I became a mother. Now, I can't imagine being a mother without one. While wearing my baby is majorly convenient, it has also become a major facilitator in maintaining my relationships with women who keep me strong and feeling capable.”

Christine is wearing:

Madewell sweater cardigan. It's crazy soft and it's also the single piece of color you'll find in my fall wardrobe.

VINCE slip-on calfskin leather sneakers. Because slip-on sneakers are footwear's equivalent to a fanny pack, just a whole lot chicer. They also happen to make my life a heck of a lot easier when I'm trying to run out the door, chasing my toddler before she jumps on the elevator without me.

DL1961 Farrow high-rise Insta Slim skinnies. So, here's the deal: any pair of jeans that prevents an unfortunate situation for bystanders when I bend down to pick up a dropped paci while also claiming to instantly slim my less than perky bottom after having a baby is typically A-okay by me.

T by Alexander Wang muscle tee. I must admit that ever since I became a mom, I've become a bit of a t-shirt snob. However, in my defense, I wear a t-shirt every single day of the week and need it to stand the test of time. So, in the case of t-shirts, quality over quantity, always. Yes, even if paying too much for a piece of cotton makes me feel like a bit of a jerk.

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Photography by Stephania Photography.

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