Mom Style: Lauren

Name: Lauren Barlow

Neighborhood: Boerum Hill

Baby: Kirby, 9.5 months

Describe your personal style: Fashionably comfortable and easy.

Describe your parenting style: Go with the flow, while keeping a schedule.

“Having a baby in the middle of an NYC winter can be a very lonely experience. It's tough to get out of the house with any newborn, but add snow and ice and it's downright scary. After staying home for most of month 1, I was stir crazy. I craved adult interaction during the times my husband was at work.

I decided to join a few parents/mom groups in the neighborhood through Facebook and Park Slope Parents. It was a lifesaver! There were daily meet-ups with other moms and babies within a similar age group. We were all going though similar experiences and able to share advice and stories. For the first time in my adult life, I felt like a belonged to a community...a place to share, socialize and grow.”

Lauren is wearing:

Black V-neck T-shirt that would allow easy access for nursing.

Cropped palazzo pants that I found in the window of Article&

Flats from United Nude. I originally planned to wear heels but quickly realized that for a mom carrying a baby, flats are the new heels!

BabyBjörn’s newest Carrier One in denim blue. This carrier offers an ergonomic leg position and wide seat area for baby, and extra padded shoulder straps plus a strong, stable waist belt for you. Enter to win one here!

Photography by Stephania Photography.


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