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There are so many parts of motherhood that, well, only another mother could understand. Thank goodness for your mom group. And for the ongoing mom group text messages that give you a safe place to admit all those secrets nobody else could possibly understand. Who other than your mom group can you text at 3 a.m. about your breast milk supply? Who else could possibly make you laugh when you’re hiding in your boss’s office pumping… again?

To celebrate Bravado Designs’ revolutionary Clip and Pump™ Hands-Free Nursing Bra Accessory (which makes texting a whole lot easier while you’re pumping!), we asked some mamas to reveal some of the funniest, most embarrassing things they’ve shared with their mommy text groups. Enjoy, commiserate, and quit the guilt. Because, mama, we've all been there!


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What's your Mom Text Group Confession? Tell us in the comments below.

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Just about all of us had set assumptions about raising kids before we became parents ourselves. Some of these ideas might have been based on our own ideas of how we would absolutely do things differently than everyone else. Others, we believed what everyone else told us would happen would apply to our littles, too. But, that's not always the case, mama.

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