Here at Well Rounded NY, we love shedding light on what life might look like for you with a baby in the city. We especially love when we can shed light on a kickass entrepreneur who's making it work with not just one but two babies. At one time. Like the intrepid co-founder of Birchbox, Katia Beauchamp. Katia has created an empire of monthly beauty deliveries and limited-edition gift boxes, including a Mother's Day collection (hint, hint) and a recently sold-out collab with Baby Gap. As the Chelsea mom to twins Alec & Guy, 11 months, she's finding the delicate balance of baby playtime and running a business. Hint: there's a lot of dry shampoo involved. Below, she lets us in on the most unexpected parts of having twins and how her own beauty routine has changed since becoming a mom.


Walk us through a typical day of work and babies.

Feed the babies at 6:30am, morning play time (with coffee) for the four of us (me, Greg, and babes). Shower and get ready time at 8am when the nanny arrives. Dry shampoo and 3-minutes of makeup, 5 mins of hair, and 10 minutes of skincare, starting at 8:10am. Calls and meetings start between 8:30-9am, and around 6/6:30pm, I race home for some play time. I feed the babies at 7pm, and they fall asleep by 7:30pm. Cook or order dinner. Eat dinner with my Greg and catch up. Work calls/emails from home starting at 8:30pm.

Who are some other working moms you admire or want to emulate?

All moms…and dads! I have so much admiration and love for all parents and the energy and devotion they give to their children. It is so inspiring and beautiful. I know that I am not alone in feeling that we never really understood our parents until we become parents -- and suddenly you realize that everything they do comes from a place of love.

How has your personal beauty routine changed since becoming a mom?

Much more dry shampoo. And doing it faster than ever. I also spend more time on skincare because I know that even skin saves time in the daily routine.

What's a game changer beauty product for a new mom and why?

Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask -- 15-30 minutes while email multi-tasking, and your skin is smoother and more even.

What's been the most unexpected thing about becoming a mom of twins?

In short, the amount of things tiny babies need (only really appreciated when you try to leave the house for a few hours or a few days)...times two!


There has been a growing buzz lately about what some are calling "lazy parenting." It's being touted as the antidote to helicopter parenting, and, while its name may suggest otherwise, it's actually anything but lazy.

So what's the deal with lazy parenting? How do I do it and what will it do for my kids?

When I first heard of lazy parenting, I thought someone had been spying on my house on Fridays from 5:30pm until bedtime.

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