One of the best things about becoming a mom is that you get a whole day dedicated to you. That’s right, Mother's Day is sort of like having a second birthday, which is kind of nice because, as a mom, you spend the other 364 days running around the city from storytime to music class to Mandarin. Nobody knows how much you deserve a day off more than City Tot, which lists and reviews just about every single one of those NYC kids activities...and there’s a whole lot of them.

This Mother’s Day, City Tot wants you to indulge, whether you’re a mom or a mom-to-be. Or maybe both. So they've partnered with us for this year's Well Rounded NY Mother’s Day City Guide. Whether you're an uptown girl like Kate or a yoga mama like Hilaria, we've planned out your big day and picked out your gifts. All you have to do is pass it on.



Mom Style: Kate Middleton

1. Brunch. Start your day at Eli's Table, a new--and totally delicious--high-end spot from the famous Zabar family.

2. Mom Bag. Just because you have to carry a diaper bag doesn’t mean you have to look like you’re carrying a diaper bag. Loving the ladies-who-lunch look with the brand new Skip Hop Duet.

3. Jewels. Helen Ficalora knows how to make a mom happy. This gorgeous new Mom charm is a no-brainer for your special day...and every day after.

4. Workout. Whether you’re pregnant or a new mom, you’re totally entitled to your Physique 57 fix on Mother’s Day. Hit up their pre/postnatal class, or download an online workout and do it on your own time.

5. Spa. If there was ever a day to hit the Carlyle, Mother’s Day is it. The Sense Spa is totally decadent yet understated.

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Mom Style: Karen O

1. Brunch. If you fell in love with Russ & Daughters sandwiches for your hangover cure, you’ll fall in love with Russ & Daughters Cafe's brunch for a grown-up (i.e. mom) indulgence.

2. Mom Bag. A Rebecca Minkoff diaper bag is pretty much a right of passage for a downtown mom. Her new Bowie bag was made in partnership with Every Mother Counts, which is dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for mothers around the world.

3. Jewels. Feed your inner rocker with a trinket from edgy downtown jewelry designer Karen Karch. This heart amulet from her onyx collection will be an heirloom for sure - not that you needed an excuse.

4. Workout. If you’ve scaled back on late nights since getting pregnant or having your babe, you’ll love getting loose with 305 Fitness, a dance-cardio workout that even includes a hot DJ.

5. Spa. Sure, the massages at Great Jones Spa are pretty top-notch, but the water lounge is also perfect for people-watching.

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Mom Style: Hilaria Baldwin

1. Brunch. Nourishing your heart and soul starts with nourishing your stomach, and you’ll love the nutritious yet charming Cafe Clover in the West Village.

2. Mom Bag. This stylish and functional Honest FEED diaper bag will make you feel as good as you look since Honest’s partnership with FEED will provide nutritional support to over 1,500 mothers and children in need.

3. Jewels. The Tulsi Project uses ancient Sanskrit mantras to inspire peace and love with every eco-friendly piece. Plus the brand donates 50% of net profits to charitable causes.

4. Workout. Since you’re channeling Hilaria, you might as well hit up her studio Yoga Vida. There’s an accessible and inclusive vibe that makes every mama feel welcome, no matter how out of practice she may be.

5. Spa. Relax your body and mind the way the Greeks and Romans did it at Aire Ancient Baths in Tribeca. Chill out in the calm and serene space, or treat yourself to a relaxing massage.

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Mom Style: Jaime King

1. Brunch. If you’ve never explored Greenpoint, Anella is a great reason to start. Critics love it for the excellent food, but we love it for the relaxing outdoor space. Ok, and the food.

2. Mom Bag. We’re all about the backpack here in Brooklyn, and Lily Jade’s diaper bag version is a must-have for every mama.

3. Jewels. Brooklyn mama Scosha has got a cult following for good reason; her handmade creations are as beautiful as they are distinctive. Take home one of her brand new Little Scosha bracelets and have a mommy & me moment.

4. Workout. Make your way back to Greenpoint to hit up Maha Rose before mama duty calls. From Reiki to laughter yoga to dance rituals, you’ll work out your soul as much as your body.

5. Spa. Skip the traditional spa and head to Brooklyn Herborium for a facial treatment from the shop’s holistic experts. They also offer healing phototherapy and make one of our favorite natural skin care lines, Between You & The Moon.

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When I was expecting my first child, I wanted to know everything that could possibly be in store for his first year.

I quizzed my own mom and the friends who ventured into motherhood before I did. I absorbed parenting books and articles like a sponge. I signed up for classes on childbirth, breastfeeding and even baby-led weaning. My philosophy? The more I knew, the better.

Yet, despite my best efforts, I didn't know it all. Not by a long shot. Instead, my firstborn, my husband and I had to figure it out together—day by day, challenge by challenge, triumph by triumph.


The funny thing is that although I wanted to know it all, the surprises—those moments that were unique to us—were what made that first year so beautiful.

Of course, my research provided a helpful outline as I graduated from never having changed a diaper to conquering the newborn haze, my return to work, the milestones and the challenges. But while I did need much of that tactical knowledge, I also learned the value of following my baby's lead and trusting my gut.

I realized the importance of advice from fellow mamas, too. I vividly remember a conversation with a friend who had her first child shortly before I welcomed mine. My friend, who had already returned to work after maternity leave, encouraged me to be patient when introducing a bottle and to help my son get comfortable with taking that bottle from someone else.

Yes, from a logistical standpoint, that's great advice for any working mama. But I also took an incredibly important point from this conversation: This was less about the act of bottle-feeding itself, and more about what it represented for my peace of mind when I was away from my son.

This fellow mama encouraged me to honor my emotions and give myself permission to do what was best for my family—and that really set the tone for my whole approach to parenting. Because honestly, that was just the first of many big transitions during that first year, and each of them came with their own set of mixed emotions.

I felt proud and also strangely nostalgic as my baby seamlessly graduated to a sippy bottle.

I felt my baby's teething pain along with him and also felt confident that we could get through it with the right tools.

I felt relieved as my baby learned to self-soothe by finding his own pacifier and also sad to realize how quickly he was becoming his own person.

As I look back on everything now, some four years and two more kids later, I can't remember the exact day my son crawled, the project I tackled on my first day back at work, or even what his first word was. (It's written somewhere in a baby book!)

But I do remember how I felt with each milestone: the joy, the overwhelming love, the anxiety, the exhaustion and the sense of wonder. That truly was the greatest gift of the first year… and nothing could have prepared me for all those feelings.

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I was blissfully asleep on the couch while my little one was occupied elsewhere with toys, books and my partner. She got bored with what they were doing, escaped from his watch and, sensing my absence, set about looking for me. Finding me on the couch, nose-level, she peeled back my one available eyelid, singing, "Mama? Mama? ...You there? Wake UP!"

Sound familiar? Nothing limits sleep more than parenthood. And nothing is more sought after as a parent than a nap, if not a good night's rest.

But Mother Nature practically guarantees that you are likely to be woken up by a toddler—they're hardwired to find you (and get your attention) when you're "away."


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