Natural Beauty Tips to Baby-Proof your Skincare Regimen

When you have a little one growing inside of you, every decision take on a new meaning. Can you keep on drinking that morning cup of Joe? Do you really need to nix brie cheese from your diet? What about your skincare regimen?

Finding beauty products that are baby safe, toxin free and organic can be both liberating and overwhelming. There are so many options to choose from, and you are probably showered with all sorts of conflicting information -- from your OB/Gyn to your mother to your downstairs neighbor. If you are in the process of baby-proofing your grooming routine, fear not -- help is on the way. Five of our favorite mamas in the natural skincare industry share their views on motherhood, along with natural beauty tips to keep that pregnancy glow going.

Dr. Roshini Raj, Founder of TULA probiotic brand:

On taking care of yourself as a new mom:

“Being a mom, especially a working mom, has taught me to be incredibly organized and to manage my time more efficiently -- two skills that I absolutely need since my startup requires my attention 24/7. That said, new moms, entrepreneurs or not, are notoriously bad at taking care of themselves, and good skincare is often neglected. If there are two things moms need to do for their skin, it’s sleeping and eating well. A diet rich in antioxidants can improve complexion. And although sleep is hard to come by as a new mom (and as an entrepreneurial mom), the more you get, the better your skin will look and feel.”

What one product from your line should new moms invest in?

Since moms, at home or working, don’t have time for more complicated multi-step regimen, I recommend investing in a multitasking moisturizer that targets, hydrates and fights anti-aging. With our signature probiotic technology, TULA's Hydrating Day and Night cream fits the bill.

Melanie Mayron, Founder of Mayron’s Goods:

On motherhood as a motivational force:

“My desire to BE a mom was what actually started my business. I was looking at diaper creams and thought none of them were that great. I also wanted an option that had natural and organic ingredients, with no parabens. So I created Mayron’s Goods. Being a mom has also motivated me to expand our line and offer products not just for baby, but also for moms and adults. I’ve worked really hard to grow my business and ensure the best possible future for my children. Their well being is by far the biggest motivating factor there could ever be.”

What one product from your line should new moms invest in?

“If you want a cream that does it all, the Barrier Cream, which my dad worked on for 14 years, is it. It is a diaper cream that you can also use to soothe urinary tract infection and hemorrhoids. It also protects against chafing, which is great for runners or bikers.”

Sonia Deasy, Founder of Pestle & Mortar:

On a mother’s newfound skills:

“Being a mom made me super organized, and I understand what it’s like not to have as much “me” time. I think it’s also really helped me curate the necessary skincare products for busy mums. It’s about protecting your skin and taking care of skin before it’s too late -- not necessarily trying to look youthful, but about looking your best.”

What one product from your line should new moms invest in?

“Our Pure Hyaluronic Serum is the one product that boosts your skin, especially if you are sleep deprived. Instantly, you can look like you have had a good 8-hour night’s sleep.”

Mirjana Blankenship, Founder of Captain Blankenship:

On the importance of water:

“If there’s one advice I can give a new mom, it’s to drink lots of water. It is so easy to get dehydrated when your energy is focused on caring for the baby, especially if you are breastfeeding. Dehydration not only affects the way you feel internally, but also dries out your skin and lips. Raw coconut water, for example, is a great way to hydrate and recharge with natural electrolytes. I think I drank 15 of the Harmless Harvest during labor!”

What one product from your line should new moms invest in?

“I loved dry shampoo before I was a mom, but then got obsessed after I had my daughter Mila, 3 years ago. Our Mermaid Dry Shampoo not only absorbs oil, it also adds volume. It smells delicious too, like a rosy beach breeze.”

Sarah Villafranco, Founder of Osmia Organics:

On the balance between work and motherhood:

“Being a mother keeps everything in balanced perspective for me. I can have an excellent day at work, but if I come home to a sad little face, I am reminded (and ever humbled) about where my true work lies. And, even better, there are those tough days for the business, where things don’t go as I had hoped, or I feel like I didn’t meet my own expectations. But, when I come home and see my two strong girls throwing the softball outside, or chasing each other through the house dressed like pirates and laughing like hyenas, I realize that I’m doing one important job pretty well, and there’s always tomorrow for the business.”

What one product from your line should new moms invest in?

“By using a high-quality body oil on sopping wet skin, you provide the water, and you’re paying only for the beautiful plant oils that nourish your skin and restore elasticity. Our Unscented Body Oil is the ideal, utterly non-toxic way to soften skin without any irritation or exposure to ingredients that are either harmful or just too active for sensitive, post-pregnancy skin. It is also free of essential oils, as well, so they are completely safe to use on even the teeniest babies.”

Mom life demands efficiency. Because while the amount of hours in the day are the same as before kids, now a sizable chunk of that time is spent caring for and loving on those little people. Compromises happen—and let's just be honest, the old beauty routine is one of the first things to get cut.

But, wait! You don't have to sacrifice putting on mascara or, worse, skipping the SPF. Instead, why not flip it, reverse it, and look at the bright side? Here's your opportunity to streamline your morning makeup routine. With some savvy skin care and beauty hacks, you can get your radiant glow on in record time.

Here are our tried-and-true hacks passed down from Motherly mamas:

1. Embrace multipurpose items

If the most pressing issue is limited time, consolidate multiple steps of your beauty routine with a multipurpose item. For example, instead of starting with a SPF moisturizer, followed by spot concealer and a blendable foundation, you can take care of all of that in one go with one of our favorites: Earth Mama's 3-in-one Lady Face™ Tinted Mineral Sunscreen. The beauty stick also allows you to easily fold SPF 40 into your routine, because Lady Face doubles as super-safe, clean sun protection. Even better? The sunscreen blocks blue light from those ever-present digital screens with a ray-scattering, non-nano formula.

2. Revive dried mascara

Especially after a sleepless night (#motherhood), mascara can make a major difference in how well rested you appear to be. If you realize your tube of mascara is dried out, don't write it off as a lost cause. Simply soak the sealed tube in warm water to loosen up the mascara — or add a drop of a multi-purpose saline solution into the tube. That should do the trick until you have time to buy a replacement. (But let's face it: You're a mom. It's okay if you're tired.)

3. Keep coconut oil handy

Coconut oil isn't just for the kitchen. From a DIY hair mask to an in-a-pinch lip balm or naturally removing makeup at the end of the day, coconut oil's cosmetic hack-list is long. For summer, we especially like adding a thin swipe of organic extra virgin coconut oil to the cheekbones at the end of the makeup routine for a bit of an extra glow.

4. Multitask while deep conditioning

If your hair needs a bit of TLC, consider applying a natural, paraben-free deep conditioner before doing chores around the house or even a short workout. By working up a bit of a sweat, the conditioner will set even better before you rinse off in the shower.

5. Start your hair care routine the night before

As you work to find your new normal morning routine, it can help to simply reschedule a task or two—like hair. If you shower the night before, get a jumpstart on your look by blowdrying, straightening or even braiding it for loose waves in the morning.

6. Even out your skin tone

Between multiple wake-ups during the night and wavering hormones, complexion issues can become a thing for most mamas. Thankfully, the hack for managing that is as simple as finding a great foundation that goes on smoothly and doesn't cake or crack through a morning of momming. Scope out the ingredient list for naturally nourishing components like coconut oil, shea butter or beeswax — and skip the stress (and the return process if the shade doesn't match) by going for something that easily blends with most skin tones.

7. Find brands your feel great about

As a mom, you might find yourself considering bigger life questions: Are my cosmetics safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding? Are they helping the world my children will grow up in? Can I trust the ingredients and mission? Pro tip: read the ingredients on all your personal care products, memorize the ones you want to avoid, and look for third-party certification to ensure the product is actually what it says it is. When you find a brand that walks the talk, you're going to want to be loyal.

8. When in doubt, go for a bold lip

With happy hours swapped for play dates, your daily routine may look a bit different than it used to. But who says you have to leave your personal style behind? If you've always been a fan of makeup and going a bit glam, keep going for it, mama! The extra 60 seconds it takes to apply lipstick or whatever else gives you a bit of pep in your step is well worth it.

This article was sponsored by Earth Mama Organics. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Motherly and mamas.

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