Nursery Style: Handmade Mobiles

Shopping for nursery decorations was one of my favorite parts of nesting, and especially finding our baby mobile. Since we didn’t know the sex of our baby, I was looking for gender-neutral style. I also wanted something unique and handmade.

Although the mobile was the last item we purchased for our baby’s nursery, I don’t necessarily recommend waiting until the last minute, especially if you want a unique handmade one--a lot of the more unique versions required at least 4 weeks notice. Luckily there’s some out here (and 1 included in this roundup) that looks the part. Here are a handful of my favorite baby mobiles.


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As a mom of three, I frequently get a question from moms and dads of two children: “Ok, so the jump to bad is it?"

Personally, I found the transition to having even one kid to be the most jarring. Who is this little person who cries nonstop (mine had colic) and has no regard for when I feel like sitting/eating/resting/sleeping?

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