Nursing Covers

Let your babe sip in style with these cover-up picks from Bump Brooklyn.

Nursing Covers

Nursing can be a beautiful thing, but not every part that goes along with it makes you feel like the Mother Earth you envisioned. Most of us have to jump a few nursing hurdles to get to a place where we’re ready to leave the luxury of our couch and make the leap into public breastfeeding. And that is a skill of its very own. Speed is key when you have a crying baby, so we’re sure nursing tops are at the top of your shopping list, but whether you’ve thought of them or not, nursing covers will become a staple in your diaper bag. Don’t worry -- gone are the days where nursing covers look like paisley aprons. Today’s nursing covers are multi-purpose and oh so luxe. Most importantly, they’re secure enough to help you avoid showing more skin than you choose.

Here Bump Brooklyn tells us about their favorites.

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