Not sleeping so well? We get it. Between the belly, the bladder and the baby bumping around, it’s hard to wake up feeling fresh and beautiful. That’s what makeup is for, girl! We especially love Target Beauty’s Pixi line, filled with what the brand calls “makeup to wakeup.” Created by London makeup artist Petra Strand, Pixi’s multipurpose, skin-illuminating cosmetics to help tired pregnant women (and new moms!) to look like themselves, only more gorgeous. This week, Target Beauty is giving away a package of Pixi essentials, including the Illuminating Tint & Conceal, Natural Brow Duo, Sheer Cheek Gel, Lip Blush, Extra Eye Bright Liner and Endless Silky Eye Pen.*


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*Package will include a selection of these products, depending on availability, valuing approximately $100.


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