I used to call people and talk to them. If they didn’t answer, I left a message. A long and rambling one. And then I got pregnant and everything changed. I was tired. My calls devolved into texts. And then I downloaded emojis. I pretty much stopped using words. Because, really, who needs them?

It started innocently enough with some messages to non-pregnant friends during my first trimester, but it quickly evolved into my chosen method of communication. I realized I could say everything, and say it more eloquently, with emojis. You can too. Here’s 10 pregnancy emoji phrases you just might find yourself calling on during your own baby journey.


What emoji phrases do you use to talk about pregnancy and babies?

They say a watched pot never boils, but every pumping mama knows the expression should really say "a watched bottle never fills."

When I think back to those early days of pumping, I remember settling in front of the TV to attempt to distract myself from the tedium of being hooked to a machine. It never worked: I'd always pay little attention to whatever I was watching, opting instead to stare at the bottles I was pumping into and wonder why they were filling so slowly.

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