Stylish Nurseries on a Budget

Decorating the nursery is one of the most fun steps in preparing for baby. It's even more fun when you get some advice from an expert design guru like Wayne Harris of Wayne Harris Style. Wayne helped us design three nurseries within a budget, in three distinct styles.

When designing your own dream nursery, or choosing which one to shop from below, think about reflecting your personal style: modern, traditional, or contemporary. Start with the crib, which is the centerpiece of the room. You’ll decorate the rest of the room around that. You should also have in mind what your budget will be from the outset. Things you might want to splurge on are the crib, since it's the centerpiece of the room and the place your baby will nap and sleep, and the dresser because it can remain in the child's room even as he or she grows. We also recommend investing in an organic mattress, and other healthy, green items.

Here are three nurseries representing different personal styles. They address the modern mom’s discerning taste and tight budget. Decide on your style, then pop some of these items onto your babylist registry. Who knows, maybe your brother-in-law will treat you to the crib or the dresser!

Contemporary Nursery:

The contemporary nursery blends current trends and cutting edge fashion with cuteness and good taste, to create a warm nursery where a trendy mom will love storytime cuddles with baby. Trendy prints and in-fashion shapes are the focal points in this nursery; the multicolor polka dots are very hip, letter pillows are in style, and animal head wall decorations are still all the rage. The Babyletto convertible crib is a contemporary shape and color, with very hip gray border and white bars. It's a great price at $379 even though it's from one of the hippest baby shops in Los Angeles. The Giggle Signature Dresser is pricey but really locks in that contemporary style with the square openings and orange pop of color, and since it's made of high quality wood, we know it will last as baby turns into toddler. The little pig and elephant bring adorable baby sweetness to the room, and the colors of their polka dots, as well as the colors on the blanket, bring out all the other colors in the room and tie things all together.

1. Organic Cotton Changing Pad, $99 at, for placing atop the Signature Dresser / 2. Giggle Signature Dresser, in Orange-White, $850 at / 3. Decor on Safari Elephant with Polka Dots, $69 at Land of Nod / 4. Delta Bentley Upholstered Glider and Ottoman Set, $200 at Target / 5. Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Crib in Gray, $379 at Petit Tresor / 6. Wee Wonderfuls Porkpie Pig, $25 at Land of Nod / 7. Stripe Knit Stroller Blanket, $44 at Pottery Barn Kids / 8. ABC Throw Pillow, $19 at Land of Nod

Modern Nursery:

The nursery in the modern style is for the mom who likes minimalist decor and clean lines. This mom would love to own a mid-century modern couch or dining table, so for a modern nursery, we bring together mid-century style pieces and throw in some color. The star piece of this nursery is the Alma Mini Crib by Bloom, which is great for a small NYC apartment because it's half the size of a regular crib. Don’t worry, a baby can sleep comfortably in it for a while -- my friend's daughter slept in her Alma Mini until she was 2. The co-star is the gorgeous Mid Century Rocking Chair, which at $169 from Sit Down NY in Chelsea, is the steal of this century! The clothes hanger will be useful for hanging baby's towel after bath, and sweaters and pants at naptime. Its bright design adds color to the room and pulls out the blue from the Uglydoll and the yellow from the growth chart and crib sheet. The pieces in this room all work well together because they have a minimalist mid-century look and are modern style with complementary pops of color.

1. Animal Stack Growth Chart, $20 at Land of Nod / 2. Handmade Chevron Blanket. $20 at Augieandlola on Etsy / 3. Uglydoll Classic Plush Mij, $12 at Toys R Us, Uglydoll Citizen Plush Gleno, $10 at Toys R Us / 4. Stuva Drawers and Closet, $189 at Ikea / 5. Zebra Crib Sheet in Cloud, $36 at Serena & Lily / 6. Alma Mini Crib in Gray, $340 at Giggle / 7. Mid Century Rocking Chair in White, $169 at Sit Down NY / 8. Krokig Clothes Stand, $20 at Ikea

Traditional Nursery:

Classical colors, prints, and furniture shapes are what characterize this nursery as traditional. Since we know that many celebrity moms, such as Mariah Carey and Katie Holmes, chose traditional nurseries, we know that this style can be very expensive. Here, however, we show you how it's possible to get the traditional and classic look on a budget. This nursery -- for the mom who wants to decorate her walls in toile and loves to shop at Pottery Barn -- is the style that one envisions in a beautiful Greenwich colonial. It’s very tasteful and loved by the mother and grandma, and of course, by their preppy offspring. The star pieces are the high quality solid wood crib from Pottery Barn, which is only $399, a great price for a full size crib. The Little Castle Swivel chair (a steal at $449) also brings that traditional Bordeaux print to the room, adding luxury and a stately vibe in classical colors of gray and white. The hues in this gender-neutral room work well together because they are grays and whites, hushed tones and neutrals, and are soft and timeless. Then we brought in sweet children's characters that are timeless classics: the pastel animals mobile, the sweet Bambi-like deer on the hamper, and a sleeping lamb.

1. Jungle Play Mobile in Organic Cotton, $55 at / 2. 3 Sprouts Laundry Hamper Deer, $25 at / 3. Hemnes 3-Drawer Chest in White, $199 at Ikea, recommended with Glass Bubble Knobs, $8 at Anthropologie / 4. Little Castle Linen Bordeaux Swivel Chair, $449 at Target / 5.Kendall Fixed Gate Crib, Solid Wood, in White, $399 at Pottery Barn Kids / 6. 100% Cotton Love My Little Letters Blanket, $20 at Target / 7. Wooly Pillow at BlaBla Kids, $58 / 8. Georgia Crib fitted sheet, $19 at Pottery Barn

For more tips and guidance on shopping for your nursery, we recommend the Baby Bargains book. If you want more help designing within your personal budget without sacrificing style and fabulousness, email us at Well Rounded and we'll connect you with Wayne Harris.

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