Now that spring has finally sprung, it’s time to bid adieu to our puffy coats once and for all and revel in all of the delights that come with the warmer weather (well hello there effortless maxi dresses). But as those incubating tiny humans in their bellies know all too well, things can quickly go from haute to hot once the mercury starts rising. Fret not pretty mommas; as the founder of The Cosmetic Concierge, which helps women navigate the skincare and cosmetic industry, I know there's a bevy of luxurious, natural products to help you stay cool as a breeze throughout the warmer months to come (for those times when there is no available freezer to stick your head in). Here are some tried-and-true favorites… [gallery ids="18916,18912,18915,18918,18917,18914"]



I was blissfully asleep on the couch while my little one was occupied elsewhere with toys, books and my partner. She got bored with what they were doing, escaped from his watch and, sensing my absence, set about looking for me. Finding me on the couch, nose-level, she peeled back my one available eyelid, singing, "Mama? Mama? ...You there? Wake UP!"

Sound familiar? Nothing limits sleep more than parenthood. And nothing is more sought after as a parent than a nap, if not a good night's rest.

But Mother Nature practically guarantees that you are likely to be woken up by a toddler—they're hardwired to find you (and get your attention) when you're "away."


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