What’s your mom group talking about this week? Between streaming the Handmaid’s Tale, taking in the good weather and cleaning baby bottles, you were probably too busy to keep up. No worries, mamas! We’ve got you covered. From Jimmy Kimmel’s poignant testimony about a health scare to Primary’s new kid swimwear, here are 5 stories and baby products you should know about this week.

1. Ok, we know this is an ad for Kraft Mac & Cheese, but, "son of a motherless goat," we just can't stop watching. In this video, Melissa Mohr, author of "Holy Sh*t, A Brief History of Swearing," gives fun, kid-friendly alternatives to curse words, and it's "flunking" hilarious. Check it out.

2. Jimmy Kimmel is one of our favorite funny guys, but on Monday, he gave us all a good cry. During his opening monologue that day, he opened up about his newborn son’s open heart surgery and made a plea for all Americans to have access to healthcare -- if not for them, for their little ones. Still need to catch the tearful monologue? Watch it here.

3. Wondering what the perfect workout for your stage of pregnancy is? Aaptiv is featuring a maternity workout program that rolls out an exercise strategy for each trimester, along with postpartum exercises that include a stroller. This app is a great way to stay active safely and comfortably and to stay in tune with your changing body. Check it out.

4. Caliee Herrell has an incurable genetic disease that will soon cost her her sight. And at only 6 years old, she, who still has a positive attitude, is learning to walk with a cane and read braille. But before she becomes blind, Caliee and her mother created a bucket list and things and places to see to fill her eyes and mind with as many visual memories as possible. Caliee’s Sightseeing Bucketlist includes Disney World, New York Fashion Week and The Nutcracker. To help her see as much of the world as possible, donate here.

5. OMG.. What's cuter than babies in bathing suits? Especially when those bathing suits only cost $24! Our fave basics brand Primary has us stoked for summer, check out why.

Having a newborn is challenging at the best of times, but during forced isolation and in a climate of fear and uncertainty, it can become overwhelming.

The coronavirus pandemic is setting up our communities for genuine mental health concerns. This may be especially true for new parents. When will 'normal' life return? How will I pay for diapers and baby food? Will my mom be able to help us now? What if my baby or my family get COVID-19? Unfortunately, no one knows the long-term impact or answers just yet.

Most families have built a network of social support by the time they have their first child—if they don't already have a support system, they develop one through various baby classes and groups set up for parents. The creation of the village can be instrumental to the mental health of new parents. Social distancing, the lockdown of cities, and isolation will inadvertently affect the type of support available.

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