The Bugaboo Fox Stroller Review

10 Reasons this full-size comfort stroller is a must-have for city living.

The Bugaboo Fox Stroller Review

We know you probably constantly hear about all the compact strollers that are perfect for urban living. But in any walking city, a stroller is more than just a set of wheels to transport your baby from point A to point B. It’s a second home, where he’ll get to eat, nap and live his best city baby life. And that city baby life, let us tell you, can be a rough one. You’ll have to zigzag your stroller through busy street intersections, carry it up and down subway stairs, drag it through snow and puddles, and bump it over high and broken curbs. Sure a small stroller has its advantages, but we say: your baby’s safe haven should be comfy and tough enough to withstands all that hustle and bustle that comes with city living. Enters the Bugaboo Fox.

The brand’s newest stroller, a hybrid between the ubiquitous Cameleon and the more rugged Buffalo, took all of your must-have stroller features and packed them into one gorgeous stroller. It’s the ultimate stroller, and it’s been selling like hotcakes. Wondering why all the other moms in your parenting group are raving about their new ‘boo? We put it to the test. Here are 10 things we love about The Fox.

1. It is strong. The Fox is durable and meant to take you everywhere -- like an all-terrain stroller. Like Bugaboo’s other strollers, the frame feels robust and is made to last. But one of the Fox’s strongest suits is the new central joint suspension, along with the big tires, coming together to make for one smooth and steady ride. Cobblestone streets, bumpy trails or even beaches and dunes -- virtually nothing can get in the way of your adventures.

2. It is comfortable. The all-wheel suspension means that your baby gets to ride around bump free. Plus, the bassinet and toddler seat were ergonomically designed for ultimate comfort. It’s spacious, and the seat is adorned with a supportive pillow-top padding, so your baby can comfortably snooze while you’re on the go. And unlike the Cameleon, you can now recline the seat with just one hand!

3. It’s a smooth ride for you, too. A lot of the times, all-terrain strollers can get heavy and clunky. But not the Fox. At only 21.8 lbs, it can do a lot of your day-to-day heavy lifting, but without you having to carry a heavy load! Really… One of the first things you’ll notice is how easy it is to lift up. But perhaps even more impressive is how effortless it is to push and steer. It’s like power steering, but for your stroller. Now, crowded streets and narrow corners at the grocery stores have nothing against us.

4. It has higher weight limits. When we said earlier that the Fox was durable, we weren’t kidding. Both the Cameleon and the Buffalo had a weight limit of 37.5 lbs. But the Fox, chic and feisty, can hold children up to 48.5 lbs! So you’re guaranteed to get more use out of it, especially if your little one is growing fast (who are we kidding, they all are!).

5. The seat is higher. You’ll be lifting your baby in and out of the stroller a lot. A LOT. With the higher seat position, you can do that without having to bend over. Plus, you’ll be closer to your little one to check on him. All in all, it’s a major win for you, your babe, and your back! 

6. It folds in one piece. For a full-size stroller, the fold is actually pretty compact. But what we love the most is… drumroll... the self-standing one-piece fold, which is a major upgrade from the Cameleon if, like me, you’re short on space and need to store your stroller upright. Really -- the new folding design makes transporting your stroller a breeze, whether you are lugging it down the stairs or loading it in the car. For an even more compact fold, you can detach the wheels to tuck the stroller away in your apartment’s tightest corners.

7. It’s made of recycled materials. One of the reasons Bugaboo makes products that last is to generate less waste and lower the brand’s environmental impact. With the launch of the Fox, the brand is taking its mission a step further, by using less raw materials to actually build their strollers. The fabrics on the Bugaboo Fox are made with recycled plastic bottle. This is a big selling point for anyone who wants to live that eco-friendly life.

8. It’s a looker and entirely customizable. Like with the Bee5, you can customize everything about your Fox -- the fabric of the bassinet, the seat and the canopy; the color of the frame; and even the color of the handlebar grips and the wheel caps! That's right, your stroller can really reflect your style. What's more, the Fox has a slim figure and faux leather detailing that add a sophisticated touch to its otherwise rugged, do-it-all dispositions.

9. The storage is nuts. Not only can the Fox carry heavier children, it can store more stuff too! The underseat basket, which is easily accessible, has built-in pockets and a weight capacity of 22 lbs! And if that’s enough for you, don’t fret! You have the option to purchase the Bugaboo Mammoth bag, which fastens at the bottom of the stroller and can hold up to an additional 26 lbs!

10. It has a lot of other practical extras. The Fox is jam-packed with many other must-have features that full-size strollers have: the handlebar easily adjusts up and down; a two-wheel position to pull the stroller through the snow or sand; an extendable sun canopy; lock swivel wheels for extra stability when you go through rough terrains; and a footbrake that flips and locks easily (something the Cameleon didn't have).

Ready to give your city babe the coolest, smoothest ride ever? Check out the Bugaboo Fox Stroller here, starting at $1,199.

14 outdoor toys your kids will want to play with beyond summer

They transition seamlessly for indoor play.

With Labor day weekend in the rearview and back-to-school in full swing, most parents are fresh out of boxes to check on their "Fun Concierge" hit list. It's also the point of diminishing returns on investing in summer-only toys. So with that in mind, we've rounded up some of our favorite toys that are not only built to last but will easily make the transition from outdoor to indoor play. Even better, they're Montessori-friendly and largely open-ended so your kids can get a ton of use out of them.

From sunny backyard afternoons to rainy mornings stuck inside, these toys are sure to keep little ones engaged and entertained.

Meadow ring toss game

Plan Toys meadow ring toss game

Besides offering a fantastic opportunity to hone focus, coordination, determination and taking turns, lawn games are just plain fun. Set them up close together for the littles and spread them out when Mom and Dad get in on the action. With their low profile and rope rings, they're great for indoors as well.


Balance board

Plan Toys balance board

Balance boards are a fabulous way to get the wiggles out. This one comes with a rope attachment, making it suitable for even the youngest wigglers. From practicing their balance and building core strength to working on skills that translate to skateboarding and snowboarding, it's a year-round physical activity that's easy to bring inside and use between Zoom classes, too!


Detective set

Plan Toys detective setDetective Set

This set has everything your little detective needs to solve whatever mystery they might encounter: an eye glasses, walkie-talkie, camera, a red lens, a periscope and a bag. Neighborhood watch? Watch out.


Wooden doll stroller

Janod wooden doll strollerWooden Doll Stroller

Take their charges on a stroll around the block with this classic doll stroller. With the same versatility they're used to in their own ride, this heirloom quality carriage allows their doll or stuffy to face them or face the world.


Sand play set

Plan Toys sand set

Whether you're hitting the beach or the backyard sandbox, this adorable wooden sand set is ready for action. Each scoop has an embossed pattern that's perfect for sand stamping. They're also totally suitable for water play in the wild or the bathtub.


Water play set

Plan Toys water play set

Filled with sand or water, this tabletop sized activity set keeps little ones busy, quiet and happy. (A mama's ideal trifecta 😉). It's big enough to satisfy their play needs but not so big it's going to flood your floors if you bring the fun inside on a rainy day.


Mini golf set

Plan Toys mini golf set

Fore! This mini golf set is lawn and living room ready. Set up a backyard competition or incorporate into homeschooling brain breaks that shift focus and build concentration.


Vintage scooter balance bike

Janod retro scooter balance bike

Pedals are so 2010. Balance bikes are the way to go for learning to ride a bike while skipping the training wheels stage altogether. This impossibly cool retro scooter-style is built to cruise the neighborhood or open indoor space as they're learning.


Wooden rocking pegasus

plan toys wooden rocking pegasus

Your little will be ready to take flight on this fun pegasus. It gently rocks back and forth, but doesn't skimp on safety—its winged saddle, footrests and backrest ensure kids won't fall off whether they're rocking inside or outside.


Croquet set

Plan Toys croquet set

The cutest croquet set we've ever seen! With adorable animal face wooden balls and a canvas bag for easy clean up, it's also crafted to stick around awhile. Round after round, it's great for teaching kiddos math and problem-solving skills as well.


Wooden digital camera

fathers factory wooden digital camera

Kids get the chance to assemble the camera on their own then can adventure anywhere to capture the best moments. With two detachable magnetic lenses, four built-in filters and video recorder, your little photographer can tap into their creativity from summertime to the holidays.


Wooden bulldozer toy

plan toys wooden bulldozer toy

Whether they're digging up sand in the backyad or picking up toys inside, kids can get as creative as they want picking up and moving things around. Even better? Its wooden structure means it's not an eye sore to look at wherever your digger drops it.


Pull-along hippo

janod toys pull along hippo toy

There's just something so fun about a classic pull-along toy and we love that they seamlessly transition between indoor and outdoor play. Crafted from solid cherry and beechwood, it's tough enough to endure outdoor spaces your toddler takes it on.


Baby forest fox ride-on

janod toys baby fox ride on

Toddlers will love zooming around on this fox ride-on, and it's a great transition toy into traditional balance bikes. If you take it for a driveway adventure, simply use a damp cloth to wipe down the wheels before bringing back inside.


We independently select and share the products we love—and may receive a commission if you choose to buy. You've got this.


9 products that will help baby sleep better (and longer!)

For many parents, attempting naps and bedtime can seem like a never-ending cycle of rocking, shushing and hoping for some kind of magic sleep solution.

How do I get my baby to sleep? This is one of the most commonly asked questions among new parents, and it makes sense, given that babies are born with their days and nights mixed up. For many parents, attempting naps and bedtime can seem like a never-ending cycle of rocking, shushing and hoping for some kind of magic sleep solution.

And while that might not exist (yet), we have found some of the best products out there that can help baby fall asleep faster and for longer durations. Because when baby is sleeping, so are you!

Dreamland Baby weighted sleep sack and swaddle

Designed by a mama, parents swear by this weighted sleep sack. It mimics your hug to give your baby security and comfort that helps them get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer. The detachable swaddle wing makes it easy to transition as they grow.

It's also super easy to get on and off, and includes a bottom-up zipper for late night changes, so you don't have to wake your baby in the process.


Yogasleep Hushh portable sound machine

Yogasleep hushh sound machine

With three soothing options, this is a perfect solution to help your baby settle when naps are on the go and during travel! I love how compact this noise machine is and that it can run all night with one charge.


Bebe au Lait muslin crib sheets

Burt's Bees Organic Crib Sheets

With a variety of print options to choose from, these breathable sheets are *so* soft and smooth, even through multiple washes. The luxury fabric keeps little ones warm without overheating—a formula that helps ensure more sleep for everyone.


The Simple Folk perfect pajamas

The Simple Folk perfect pajamas

You know what's going to help baby have their best sleep ever? Some quality, super soft pajamas. The timeless (and aptly named!) Perfect Pajama from The Simple Folk are some of our favorites. They last forever and they're made from organic pima cotton that is safe on baby's precious skin. They come in a wide range of sizes so siblings can match and feature fold-over hand covers on sizes up to 12 months.


The Snoo bassinet


Designed by expert pediatrician and sleep guru Dr. Harvey Karp, the Snoo bassinet gently rocks your baby to sleep while snuggled up in the built-in swaddle. Not only does it come with sensors that adjust the white noise and movement based on your baby's needs, there is also an app that allows you to adjust the settings directly from your phone.

While this item is a bit on the expensive side, there is now an option to rent for $3.50 a day, which is a total game changer!


Hatch Baby Rest sound machine + nightlight

best baby sound machine

The Hatch Baby Rest is a dual sound machine and nightlight that will grow with your family. Many parents use this product with their infants as a white-noise machine and then as a "time to rise" solution for toddlers.

The thing I love most about this product is that the light it gives off isn't too bright, and you can even select different color preferences; giving your toddler choices at bedtime.


Crane humidifier

Crane Humidifier

The only thing worse than a sick baby is a baby who is sick and not sleeping well. The Crane humidifier helps take care of this by relieving congestion and helping your baby breathe better while sleeping.

Personally, I think the adorable design options alone are enough of a reason to purchase this product, and your child will love watching steam come out of the elephant's trunk!


Naturepedic organic crib mattress

Naturpedic Lightweight Organic Mattress

In the first few months of life, babies can spend up to 17 hours a day sleeping, so choosing a mattress that is safe (read: no chemicals!) and comfortable is incredibly important.

Naturepedic uses allergen-friendly and waterproof materials with babies and children in mind, making them easy to clean and giving you peace of mind.


Happiest Baby sleepea 5-second swaddle

best baby swaddle

There are baby swaddles and then there is Sleepea. Similar to the brand's swaddle that is built into the Snoo, the Sleepea is magic for multiple reasons. First, it's got mesh panels ensuring baby never overheats. Second, the zipper zips from the top or the bottom, so you can change the baby's diaper in the middle of the night without ever waking them. Third, it's hip safe. Fourth, the patterns are SO cute. And fifth, the interior swaddle wrap that keeps baby's ams down has a "quiet" velcro that won't wake baby if you need to readjust while they're asleep.


We independently select and share the products we love—and may receive a commission if you choose to buy. You've got this.


Mom rage is real—and it's a sign that mothers' needs aren't being met

The truth is, anger—real, fist-clenching, heart-racing, uncontrollable anger—is so much more common among mothers than many of us think.

Maternal anger takes most women who experience it by surprise. I'm not this person, we say, after feeling a shocking swell of rage during one of those inevitable moments of frustration we all face as a parent.

I never thought I'd be "that mom" who yells at her family, we say, after snapping and yelling at our toddler.

I don't recognize myself when I feel like this—and I feel like this more than I want to, we say, when we realize that our anger isn't a temporary, one-time thing but an undercurrent in our day-to-day, an undeniable presence like a shadow.

The truth is, anger—real, fist-clenching, heart-racing, uncontrollable anger—is so much more common among mothers than many of us think. And it's time to talk about what "mom rage" is, where it comes from, and what we can do about it.

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